@DanSkates Enertion liquidation sale

i know a lot of us are salivating at the massive cache of enertion parts @DanSkates has made available:

i’m been working with DanSkates to get these parts stateside.

i am planning to order 200 12mm pulleys but wanted to get some opinions before doing so.

  • does anyone have any interest in the 9mm pulleys?
  • in fact, is there interest in any of the other items being offered up?
  • would you prefer to order the pulleys alone, or as a “complete” drive kit, which would include the motor pulley and a belt?

i know there were many people in DanSkates original post, i’d like to hear from you.


I’ll take 10 12mm pulleys, with belts if they are cheap enough. I’ll just be giving them away so send mine last to make sure everyone else gets theirs.


I’m in for 2x9mm. 2x12mm pulleys. Dan didn’t have shipping cost figured out but I’m pretty sure your LA to OC shipping would be better…or @mmaner’s free option would be even better!


I’m looking for at least one set of 12mm pullies



Yes; alone

Also, we need photographs of the pulleys and dimensions would help a lot. Accurate information could cause my order quantities to rise

I’m in for 4-10 sets of the 12mm pulleys/belts depending on the price.

o dam right, I got photos and will do measurements when I get them in

pricing I’m thinking $13 a piece, plus $2.5 shipping.

Folks, don’t forget you need to mod the hanger for these pulleys

really? calibers?

do the enertion trucks have modified hangars?

They need more axle length cause of the bearing Needs 7mm more axle I believe

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There is a chance that long torque board trucks might make use of these perfectly?

Yeah the 218 should be no issues, anything with at least 7mm more axle

Yep I have a few sets I use that I chopped 8mm off the hanger. Works great. These pullies last a long time. I used my last set for a year and still have them.

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your too nice bro

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I would buy a few 12mm