"Dark Matter Motor” 6374 by Scepterr is now “Janux Flux Drive 6374"

A little history about the Janux Flux Drive: This is the same exact motor that Max offered on his forum. Unfortunately, he is no longer able to carry it but has given me the consent to contact the manufacturer who sold it to him. I am able to sell this motor for the same price $260 for 2 or $140 single which includes shipping in the USA.

Also available 6354 on my website Janux-esk8.com

Specifications • 6374 190kv 3200W Semi-Sealed (True 74mm Length) • 12AWG High Strand Count Tinned Copper Flexible Silicone Phase Leads • 5.5mm Gold Plated Bullet Connectors • FocBox, VESC 4 Hall Sensor Connector (NO ADAPTER NEEDED) • 8mm Bore, Keyway, 2x Circlip Positions • N42SH Curved Magnets • Japan NSK Ball Bearings • 5.5mm Gold Plated female connectors included • 6S-12S • 30mm & 44mm Mounting Holes • Janux Flux Drive Set: 2 Motors $260 US shipping included, additional motors at $130 • 1 Janux Flux Drive $140 US shipping included









Sweet!! Good motors at a good price.

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You may want to go over to the dark matter thread as I know alot of people had been asking on there. Good to see that these will be coming back. I might look at getting a set

TL:DR, can they add a dimple in the shaft where the set screw goes in, and change the set screw to a conical shape one instead of the flat one they currently use (see pix below)?

Is there any way to have these made better? According to @JLabs who also sold this variant before there seems to be a slight flaw in how the motor shaft is held in. I bought two from Max, one motor is still fine but the other one has two issues:

1.) the entire motor can moves in and out 2-3mm (with the shaft), only thing keeping it from pulling out is the c-clip,

2,) the grub /set screw that holds the shaft in position doesn’t do a good job so it slowly wiggles in after 10 miles. This happened to me three times despite properly using loctite.

Max said he would send me a replacement but it hasn’t arrived in time for the group ride tomorrow. I was able to shift the shaft out, there are two FLAT spots where the the FLAT set screw presses on, mine had scratches on it from the shaft moving back and forth. I drilled a dimple on it and switched the flat set screw to a conical one so it actually screws into the dimple. Hopefully this holds up tomorrow,

BUT the entire can and shaft still moves, still not sure what that issue is



I personally like the dog tail set screww that is what they use on the racer star pullies and the motor has a hole just the right size for the dog tail set screw to fit in



I like that little hole. Keeps things in one spot if alignment is good.

Hey Marc, did the magnets get changed? Here’s what was inside the ones off Max

His were advertised as curved too but I think the pics say otherwise, guess he never had a peek inside the can

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@marcmt88 I too am curious seeing I just order a set not long ago.

@marcmt88 I know sceperr tested each one before shipping, and he had parts on hand for repairs/ warranty. Will you be offering testing and/or warranty?

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@Mikenopolis I told them how to fix the issue, but they don’t listen. The shaft is very likely to slip, if not right when you receive them or after a few miles.

This is a very expensive motor with a nice markup and I would hate to have you all have the same problems as Mike.


Can’t you design a custom shaft?

Mike have you tried retaining compound? If 648 can hold motor pulleys on the shaft with those incredible loads, it help hold on the can attachment side. There’s a lot less contact surface though…

Hey Mike, My buddies and I also been running Scepter’s motors, we did not encounter any issues so far. They are quite a solid performer. The only thing I could think of is the possibility of missing brass washer before the retainer c-clip as picture below. This might explain the motor moves in and out 2-3mm.



Pictures of inside of “Janux Flux Drive”

file-1 file1-2 file1-1 file1-3 file-3 file2-2


What profile of shaft do you have in mind?

All motors are tested and guaranteed not dead on arrival.


By the looks of it, it’s 100% like the motor I had several severe issues with.

Shaft moving, magnets coming loose, but the biggest issue for me is the weak metal where the screws holding the motor go, leading to stripped threads in the screw holes. And I did not overtighten the screws, but if you have to screw and unscrew a couple of times, the threads will strip.

3 out of 4 holes have stripped threads.

Also, a slight bit of play letting the can move as was mentioned. And it did have the same brass retainer.

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The magnets in your picture are not curved magnets.

Curved motor magnets are supposed to be concave towards the inside, enabling for less room between the magnet and the stator.

These magnets are convex towards the can, but flat on the side facing the stator. IOW, fake marketing.

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Like I said, my buddies and I ran the same motors with no issues. Magnets coming loose probably caused by motor can accidently knocking against the curb or pavement. As for stripped threads, be careful not to cross threads mounting bolts the first time around. Loctite is also recommended.

Not hiding anything here… let the pictures do the talking. Curved or not curved, you guys can decided to buy or not.