Data Collection of your rides. [All help is appreciated]

Hey guys,

Recently I’ve wanted to get more information on what all the other builds are getting as a max power output. Mainly because I’m fast approaching the point where I’ll have to start ordering Li-ion Cells (LG HG2) for my Frankenstein build. So as the physical part of the build is coming to an end, and I need to start buying the electrical components I wanted a better feel of what the general power draw is based on weight and motors. So if you would kindly take 1 minute and dump your basic info here in this Document, that would be greatly appreciated.

Info on Doc: -Max Power Draw -Avr Power Draw -Dual or Single -Top Speed (flat) -Motor Specs (Size (ex. 6374)/KV/brand) -Weight of Driver + Board (KG) -Notes (What ever you want to add just stick it here

Thanks for taking the time to send some help my way

Check out this thread

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Thank you soo much, wish I had seen this earlier :slight_smile: