DAVEga: Battery monitor, odometer, speedometer

I’m happy to design an enclosure with you


@janpom This is impressive. I am very interested. Do you have a BOM available? We should talk.

If I had measurements I could model enclosures, including a waterproof gasket, for a lot of different decks for those that want to top mount. I am thinking specifically about the LY Evo, Red Ember Caldera/Bludgeon & Hummie decks.


Nice one, may I ask how frequently you are saving to the EEPROM

I’m also implementing a odometer in my board and my intention was to use the ERPM to set when to save it

If ERPM is zero or close to zero save all stats to EEPROM, and only save again if the board moves and stop again, this way you never loose distabce

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one for trampa decks please too :wink:


I don’t have a trampa deck, likely I will never have a trampa deck. If you want to get me measurements or send one for me to measure I’d be glad too.

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Yes please to all of these!

here the measurements of the nose

if something missing you need, let me know.

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Will do. Just need to get the measurements for the monitor, preferably one on hand, and I can get started.

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Yaaas. I knew you would be all over this

@moon @mmaner Cool! Thanks for offering to help with the enclosure. Here are my thoughts. It would be nice to have two types of mounts. One for mountain board with top mounted battery/ESC enclosures where you would mount to the lid of the enclosure. That wouldn’t require full housing, only a panel mount, i.e. something like this.

The second type would be for mounting on the front part of a deck, possibly as a part of the X thingy as @Grozniy suggests or in a full housing with mounting holes, i.e. something like this. There are two options here. 1) Put the whole thing into the enclosure. 2) Only put the display into the enclosure and keep the PCB near the VESC.

What do you guys think? What dimensions do you want me to measure?

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I think separating the 2 pieces, while it increases the level of complication, lowes the risk of damage to half the unit and makes the enclosure a lot smaller.

Ideally I need the full body measurements of the assembled unit, and the individual halves.

If you can PM me the BOM I can order the pieces and do the assembly here. Or if you have an extra you can loan me Ill send it back when I’m done.


In fact, it doesn’t really make it a lot smaller unless you cut or bend the pins:

The display can be purchased on Amazon for a more expensive price, but I guess then you won’t need to wait for it for a month.

Other than that, the chip is the bulkiest part. It’s the atmega 328 in the DIP package. I believe the vertical size is the same as any other DIP package MCU. If you cut a piece of perfboard in the same size as the display and put both the chip and the display on it, you should have a good idea about the assembled dimensions.

I currently only have a single prototype on a perfboard. It needs at least one tweak. The 4 pins used for connecting to the VESC need to be replaced with a 90 degrees 4 pin JST connector that I will have to order since I’m unable to get it locally. The pins don’t work. The cable keeps sliding off.

I’m going to order professionally manufactured PCBs and put together assembly kits that I can send out to anyone interested for the cost of the parts and shipping. I can send one to you then as well. It will take a while though since I will be ordering from China to keep the costs down. If you’re eager to start designing the enclosure in the meantime, I believe the display is the most critical part to have for that.


I’ll order the display so I can get started. Id love to have one of the manufactured PCB’s and assembly kits as well.

Do you have a link to the atmega 328 in the DIP package? I’ll order one of those as well.


Looks pretty similar to this.

I have mine on order just waiting for him to finish them and ship em out.

That was also the way I planned to use. At first, I thought about using FAULT_CODE_UNDERVOLTAGE (= power switch off), but it’s a bit dangerous writing EEPROM whike powering down…

Alright, guys. Seems like there’s at least a few people who’d like one of these gadgets. I’m going to order the parts and I need to know at least a rough number. Anyone interested, please like this post. I mean this particular post (not the first post in the thread). The cost should be around $10 + shipping. I won’t be making money on this. I’ll only ask you for what I paid for the parts and the shipping. Please note that the gadget hasn’t gone through much testing, so please only sign up for the first batch if you don’t mind being a guinea pig. I’ll do my best to fix problems as they come up. The gadget assembly will require some easy DIP soldering. I will try to put together detailed instructions. Anyone should be able to do it. I can send a few assembled as well. I like to solder. It’s very relaxing. :slight_smile:

Please don’t like this post if you don’t want the gadget kit. :smile:


Wow for $10 plus shipping I’m down. I can experiment with this and maybe use it on my second board.

I would also be down for one :slight_smile:

Oh that one looks very nice. I wasn’t aware of it. Well, competition is always good. :slight_smile:


Here’s one that I quickly found on Amazon.

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