Davega LRdesigns SLA printed case : 👨‍🔬

I am doing a short run of 10 pieces of my Davega cases.

These are SLA printed and are finished with a epoxied in 1.5mm acrylic screen protector and stainless hardware. You just gotta add the davega.

My case is designed to be

  1. Very tightly packaged around the davega
  2. Robust. Can stand on it while riding.
  3. Water proof. (Though still waiting on wet season here for testing)

@SeanHacker contacted me to print him one, so I guess there is others who would like one too. Price is $45 usd including delivery.

They come grey but if you want me to paint it black +$5. I have to paint before glueing in the screen. The paint will wear off if your stepping on it though.

If your interested sign up here and send the money to my paypal, I already started making a few. Will ship them out as completed.

You can get davega kits here

You can print your own too if you like I have it on thingieverse. Just note it was not designed to be easy to print on a FDM printer. Tolerances are tight and there a few thin wall areas. I think it can still be done if your printer is well tuned.

The davga pcb need to be moded slightly to fit. Drill the mount holes from M2 to M3 and round the corners with some sandpaper.

The angled base riser has holes to fit over the truck bolts “old school” spacing. And is designed to be held down with 3M VHB double tape.

And it will fit 3 waterproof buttons from here.


IMG_20190128_144504 DSC01838 DSC01837 IMG_1854


Slightly of topic but I though I would ask. Would printing with flexible filament on a fdm printer give a simlar fit/finish? @lrdesigns

Would be cool looking! I have found flexible to be very challenging to print complex shapes though, so I would think is a hard print in flexible. And the clear screen might not stay in that well if the hole case is flexed.

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@Irdesigns If I ordered this could you do a Trampa style mounting bracket???

One that would cover the whole front area of the truck part of the board?? :smiley:

If I cant ping someone does that mean ive been blocked :rofl:

Some assembly pics on my deck.

No buttons yet. Just the Uart to vesc with plug. Photo%20Dec%2014%2C%202%2016%2038%20PM

Extra waterproofing with hotglue lava flow. Photo%20Dec%2017%2C%202%2007%2037%20PM

Topless :wink:



Maybe, I’m not really sure how to start though. I don’t have a mountain board to check fitment. The base portion would have to be flat rather than angled so it would take up more volume to fit the buttons, might turn out a bit boxy. Or the buttons could be on the front and have it angle the opposite way.

I have no idea why you can’t send a PM? Your a regular. Is it just me you cant message?

Goodpoint. maybe the casing could be made in a siloutette style? Parallel to the lines of the board but not extending that far, picture of what I mean in paint =’)


idk abou the pm maybe iz broken

I would just really like your thing for a speed and battery setup, the feather remote for the estop and other features and then a metr for data logging :rofl:

There is already one davega case for trampa. By @JonathanLau1983 Looks pretty good.


The more I look at this enclosure I still can’t believe its printed. This is very well done @lrdesigns!

IMG_20190128_191416 IMG_20190128_193106 IMG_20190128_193125

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Issue with my design is that it’s only designed to work with the wide Trampa trucks as that’s all I have. It won’t work if using the inner spring position on the trucks which allow both. I’ve been speaking with someone local to me who’s looking to add DAVEga to his builds which use the two position trucks so I will look at modifying it sometime soon.

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IMG_2182 Progress.





Nice prints!

This makes me need a DAVEga now

Do you have an ETA regarding our orders? When can we expect the shipping?

@lrdesigns would it be ok to powder coat these?

Glueing screens in right now and will ship them on Friday. Post office is closed till then as there is CNY public holidays at the moment.


No, they get rather soft above 50c. How hot is powder coat?

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Oh yeah that won’t stand the heat. Grey looks pretty cool too so I’m not worried.

The two guys that ordered so far, you davega cases shipped out! :package:


I had to buy another one (Hopefully that’s alright). I want one of these on all my boards. My address is in our previous pm. Thanks again for this. :slight_smile: