DAVEga second batch

DAVEga is a gadget that displays various data read from a VESC based controller, such as as speed, remaining battery capacity, and travelled distance. You can read more about it in this thread. Four display layouts are currently supported – two graphical in vertical mode, one graphical in horizontal mode, and one text only with detailed information. It’s possible to toggle between the layouts with a button.





DAVEga is fully open source and anyone is welcome to build their own. Or you can now get two pieces from me – one assembled and one unassembled – for more-or-less the cost of the parts and shipping.

What’s in the package

One assembled DAVEga with the following accessories:

  • USB-UART adapter (for updating/configuring the firmware)
  • buttons
  • crimped wires and JST-PH connectors
    • 4 pin (DAVEga side)
    • 7 pin and 8 pin (VESC side; use the one that fits your controller)


One unassembled DAVEga with the same accessories:


What’s NOT in the package

The display! There are various sources. I personally ordered several displays from here and all arrived and fully functional, so I can recommend this seller.

Note that there are many similarly looking displays that won’t work with DAVEga. Make sure that the one you order is 2.0" TFT using the ILI9225 driver.

Pro tip: You may want to order two. :smiley:


  • 25 USD
  • or 22 EUR
  • or 550 CZK

The price includes world-wide tracked shipping from the Czech Republic via the Czech Post.


To order, please PM me and specify the following:

  • your full name
  • your full address
  • your preferred currency
  • your preferred payment method (see below)

Payment methods

PayPal is preferred. Friends & family is much appreciated but not required.

I can also accept payments on my Revolut account. (May work best for those who don’t have USD/EUR/CZK PayPal account since currency conversions on PayPal are expensive.)

When do I pay?

When I receive your order, I’ll send you back an estimate of when I will be ready to ship the Daves to you. Once ready, I’ll PM you again with the payment information.

Please don’t send me any money unless explicitly asked for! :smiley:

When will you ship?

I currently have parts for 50 DAVEgas and I have already assembled a few. I should be able to dispatch the first 25 orders relatively quickly (1-2 weeks). Then I need to order more stuff from AliExpress, which means about a month of wait. I will of course backorder prior to completely running out of parts if it looks like there’s enough interest.

Assembly tips

Use the assembled one as a template.

When soldering the display headers (2x 5 pin header) to the PCB, you may want to plug-in the display first. That keeps the headers in the correct position with respect to each other. If you solder them one by one instead, it’s slightly difficult to keep them in a straight line, which may then make plugging-in the display hard to impossible.

Make sure you have the MCU, the diode, and the electrolytic capacitor correctly oriented (there’s a black arrow pointing to the negative side). For all other parts, the orientation doesn’t matter.

If you don’t have JST-PH crimps and/or crimping pliers, unpin the crimped wires from one of the 4 pin connectors and plug them into the 7 or 8 pin connector (depending on what VESC do you have). Then solder them to the wires on the other 4 pin connector (or add extension wires in-between if you need a longer harness).

(More detailed assembly instructions with pictures TBD.)

Configuring firmware

See the README file in the DAVEga firmware repository.


Several printable enclosures are available on thingiverse thanks to @mmaner, @lrdesigns, and @JonathanLau1983.

How do I ask questions?

If you have any questions about ordering, shipping, or payments, please ask in this thread.

If you have questions about DAVEga (assembly, connecting to VESC, troubleshooting), please ask in the DAVEga thread.

Please do NOT PM me with questions. I may not be able to respond back to everyone individually.


  • Can I order just one?
    • No, sorry.
  • Can I order more than two?
    • Not at the moment, sorry.
  • I received your package but there was no display. WTF?
    • You may need to read the “What’s in the package” and “What’s NOT in the package” sections again.
  • Are you making a lot of money on this?
    • No. :smiley:

Id love a unit!

But for clarification (since Im dumb), 2 units for a total of 22 EUR?

Sending a PM with my info. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s correct. The price is for 2 units, one assembled and one unassembled.


Will you release the code which work with your smart bms? Really would like to have a second DaveGA for my smart bms to constant display the individual cell voltage.

I’ll definitely do it, but I don’t have it finished yet. Too much work, not enough time. I received so many orders yesterday that I had to staff up. :smiley:



We’re starting the soldering training tomorrow. :smiley:


You upgraded your shop fast :joy::ok_hand:


It’s the main reason to have kids right!


Is anybody interested in a 3d printed case? :smile:

  • Yes
  • No

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@Mich21050 is quick!

I will be making some SLA prints of my design if anyone is interested?


@janpom Are you still taking orders for this? Last message here is from January so not sure. If so I will PM you with an order.

I am, but I only have parts left for one or two, so you’d better hurry up. :slight_smile:

Just got mine! Looks awesome! Good job @janpom

Unfortunately the LCD I ordered more than a month ago has still not arrived so won’t be able to test it…



@janpom if you got any left, I’ll take them. I’m finally getting around to assembly, and realized I only have 1!

I’ll PM you.

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I would also like to order a set if and when available. Im not in a hurry and currently gathering parts for my new build.

I’ve arranged for 2 partial sets, but if you haven’t sent them yet, I’ll be happy to share with redbaron.

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would much appreciate that! don’t mind assembling one at all either.

I actually did send them a few days back. I just forgot to send you the tracking link, sorry. Will do tomorrow. I’m off to bed now.

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I’ll see what I can still find in my inventory. Will PM you.


Finally got the screens! Assembly was really easy and basically just plug n’ play afterwards.

Just need a case and it will be ready!

@janpom Your work is just amazing!