DC input too low Error

I am using a SKYRC imax B6AC version 2 to charge my 5000maH 4S 20C Zippy Lipo battery and every time I attempt to charge my batteries, after about 10 seconds of charging, I get an error message saying my “DC input is too low.”

I have the charger on balance charge mode, the balance cable is plugged into the 4S balance socket with correct polarity, and I am using a normal wall socket.

How can I fix this problem? Thanks for your help.

Lower your charging rate or increase the size of your dc power adapter. Your dc adapter can only output a certain wattage, my guess is you are trying to charge at a higher wattage than the adapter can handle.

Right now I am using the power cable that came with the charger @chaka do I need to buy a new one?

No, you just need to lower your charging rate.

Can you list the specs on your ac/dc adapter? Also, how many amps are you charging at?

Ok I see, the b6ac has an intigrated converter but it is only good up to 80 watts. This means you can only charge at a rate of roughly 5 amps at 4s… maybe less.

Of course it could be something else but this is my best guess.

DC adapter is 7A and 125 Volts. I was told to charge at whatever your batter amperage is so that is 5A and my voltage is set at 14.8V since it is a 4S battery.

Try charging at 2 amps and see if it still logs the low DC input error.

That seems to be working. How long do you think it will take to fully charge? Thanks for your help.

Also could I try to charge at 3 or 4 amps or would that be an unnecessary risk?

Charging at 1/2 the capacity is easier on your cells, a little over 2 hours.

You can try charging at 4 amps and increasing incrementally until it throws a low voltage fault again. This way you can find your “actual” max on that charger for fast charging.