Dc socket wiring help

hello i have a dc socket but no idea how to wire it up or if i need a cable for it. there is just 3 pins on the back do i solder straight to them or is there a cable with connectors on one end.Any help would be greatly appreciated

if you have a multimeter you can figure out which tabs correlate to the pin on the inside, and to the outside bit using the continuity function.

ok thanks but even so when i figure that out am i soldering wire to it or am i connecting cables to them

what do you mean “connecting cables”? i would assume you’re going to be soldering wires to the tabs.

thats what im asking do you solder wires to them. what size wire would i use

well this connector won’t be carrying much current (probably 1-5a max) so more or less any wire you have laying around should work unless its really, really tiny.

ok thanks for the help.they look very small to be soldering to is there clamps or something you can get to create more surface area

so i am get a current flow on the 2 outsid ones but nothing on the middel one so would i just leave that one alone

see those holes in the tabs? you can wrap the wire through that hole and around the side of the tab. That’ll give it some more purchase while you solder it on.

if the 2 outside ones are continuous/connected to each other, then don’t use both as that would just create a short.

Just a word of advice, get some proper sockets. Metal ones, like this.

As for soldering, put the jack in the socket while doing anything. Otherwise you will probably move the inner part and perhaps even ruin the socket.

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so when i am using the multimeter to check current flow i put red on one of the small pins and the black on the other small pin.the multimeter says current can flow this way your saying it cant?what?

so id use the big middle one and one small one witch one is+ and witch -

if current can flow freely from point A to point B, and you connect the positive to A and the negative to B, you will effectively be connecting the positive directly to the negative. this will create a short. can you show a picture of the two parts you say are connected?

as for which is positive and which is negative, it doesn’t technically matter. all that matters is that it matches your charger. I recommend you check your charger to see which part (inside or outside) is positive, and connect your battery accordingly

This is sound advice. The ones in the original post are not ideal. I had them sparking every time they plugged in.

those look good. can you slide a link for a matching male connector? the ones i bought on ebay don’t quite fit together and i want to get my board to a point where it almost resembles a complete product

ok thanks ill do that they look bit more straight forward to solder

Where are you? I’ve got some of the better ones if you’re busting to get going?

im in ireland

You didn’t mix and match 2.5mm and 2.1mm socket/plug? :slight_smile:

There are no matching plugs AFAIK, only the regular ones. You probably have one already installed on your charger anyhow?

But yes, sometimes due to crappy tolerances, even the matching ones (2.1mm or 2.5mm) are not really tight fit. It’s just trial and error. Buy few from one seller, few from other…