DD Mad Speed. Mad hubs DD conversion kit Build

DD Mad Speed. 12s4p TB battery and enclosure | FSESC 6.6 dual | Mad Hubs DD conversion kit | TB 110 | TB 218mm trucks | sector 9 drop through deck, top mounted. 20190701_081410 20190701_081426 20190701_081419

Simple recepie, lots of hard work, (courtesy of @pookybear) and some borrowed components also @pookybear The results are amazing! So far able to top out at 43MPH…the speed is insane this Direct Drive is nuts! Although the drives I received need a little attention, and I believe a loose magnet may have blown two of my vescs, This comunity is really coming through with the support! Thanks to @pookybear who let me borrow his DD kit and also his FSESC 6.6 Dual, I am not only up and boarding, but also boarding on what is a very sweet and smooth set up! I know the TB battery and enclosure is not ideal, due to its size and the discharge BMS, also my old sector 9 deck is not the best, but it works well, and handles beautifully! In the future I am hoping to migrate this build either to a HAYA or maybe a Hummie, but for now this will work.

A little about the drives themselves. As with other DD set ups and Hub motor builds, breaking at low speeds is not very good, but I’m talking about under 5 Mph. Also hill climbing, still playing with settings but so far it’s not as good as my previous belt drive set up…but I wasn’t really expecting it to be. Currently my settings are:

Battery 30A Motor 60A/-60A Sensorless

The torgue is great, and I have not tested the 60amp set up on a big hill yet, will test that later today and post my findings. Also I understand that with the gigantic TB wheels I am expecting to see less torgue.

This is all I got for you at the moment, feel free to ask question, this is my first build thread, also input is appreciated. Again big shout out to @pookybear for helping me make this happen! And of course @rey8801 for organizing the group buy!


The label on the hub give the final touch…love it :yum:

For the low speed braking that is common with hub motor due to the low rolling resistance. Since you use FESC you can set active braking at low speed.

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Yes, we’re going to try that next. Active braking works for elofty drives. So I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work for this drive. :crossed_fingers:t4:

It will I think, I didn’t try because I don’t think you can set it with the Unity :unamused:

You should be able to. @Winfly gave me a little hint. I think it’s called max reverse erpm.

Credit also goes to @mishrasubhransu for finding the fix!


Fxxk didn’t know that…I will have a look.

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@Skyart15. You can peel that “pookybear” label off dude.

@rey8801 Just saw that. :rofl:

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On the app I only see the possibility to select forward/reverse I guess I need to use the PC. DOes the unity now support TCP connection or I need to open the enclosure?

Loooool! No that label is staying on! Mostly tho for testing to see him much heat it can handle loooool! I’m surprised it hasn’t melted off or set on fire yet!

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BT connection on unity was sketchy when I had it. Not sure about now as well as if it supports TCP connection. I’d open the enclosure up. Post in unit support thread?

Hahahahaha. Stickers add 5mph more yO.

of course…it’s known. It goes with the countersunk washer that adds speed, toruqe or range based on the colour.

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I ma trying with TCp thorugh Metr.pro.

So this the setting I guess:

@pookybear 28 magnets(Or 14 magnetic pole pairs) on the rotor… 24 stator poles. Stator poles don’t count in our analysis.

so this still holds. 7141000000/(60pi110)=4726

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Yes, I’d try that.

7kmh = 4.35mph

So on flats, I assume it’ll move you in reverse. Downhill, depending on steepness level, it “should” hold you. I have not tried this yet.

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yeh the metr. TCP bridge works nad I set the PPm to Current, Then limited the reverse but if I try in the room it still goes really fast in reverse.

Ok now it works! I will try on street. You calculated 4726 fro the 110mm wheels? So for 97mm will be 4167 I guess.

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I have a blank canvas Haya ready for customization if you are interested! V2

Also what KV are those 90?

Here is one I am almost finished up with

20190630_155407 20190630_155429 20190630_155501 20190630_155228


Amazing deck. No they are 75Kv :grin:

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Ok rode home with this setting. It works 200%. Even too much. I would say half of the value you calculated are already good. I could fully brake because the first time I did I approced the cross by sliding the last meter :grin:. It also held me on slope. But you have to be more conscious about brakong because otherwise they try to go reverse that’s why better to lower it I think. I will try around 2000 next time. I aspected as I’m the Ackmaniac firmare thst reverse is only engaged from fully stop wheels but actually no if you go full reverse or even close to that it will start trying to go reverse and lock your wheels.

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Good to know! Thanks for trying this. It’s the max reverse erpm, correct?