"De Noenkel" - RedEmber 44 - Unity - abec11 - bergmeister - adj RKP

Hi everyone

Gerry here from belgium, europe, 39 years young. On most forums I’m called GerryCorrado (as I have a corrado since 20 years), The Green (as the corrado is green, choise was easy) or Noenkel Gerry (uncle gerry) by my godchild and several of my younger friends :smile:

Since this summer into eskating. Started with a DIY kit from @e.board_solutions with a couple of small upgrades (metal pulleys, larger batt, 90mm abec, ceramic bearing, risers, metr, …), but after spending a week on the board, I knew I had a new hobby. Coming from car (vw corrado widebody in metal) and bike (Grom) tuning, I really like the eskate prices hahaha IMG_20181104_163518_961

So… I have no clue how, but somehow I ended up ordering a 44 from @treenutter I think even before I read anything on this forum. Imagine how glad I was when I discovered he is a known eskate asset :smiley: IMG_20181013_133332

As it would take a bit of time to build, I bought another complete longboard locally as an in-between project (MBS wheels, TB 218, dual 6355 sensored, bindings) which is currently waiting for a battery. received_262688247687338 received_2177062012612635

For the 44, initially I got a @MasterCho enclosure, but after placing it on the 44, I find it too small. Also does not fit my range goal, so it will move to the “in-between” :frowning: IMG_20181013_122748 IMG_20181010_190929 IMG_20181013_133028 IMG_20181013_132934

What I currently have in mind:

44 in Red (arrived) RKP SR 200 from @psychotiller Mounts from above sixshooters from above enclosure (for 30Q or for the sanyo/LG) Focbox Unity x2 from @onloop (ordered) Set of speedwheels from @MoeStooge (im on the inquiry list) Photon remote (arrived), maytech remote (arrived), pcb firefly remote (being built by @Zyb)

What I do not know yet… 2wd or 4wd (hence I think I need 4x 6Shooters for the back iso a normal set) belt driven or gear driven (heli?) or that reverse engine 90degree mounting option. Enclosure (waiting for options) and of course linked to that my cell count.

I’m trying to be patient and not order too many things before black friday (hoping any of the above do a discount hehehe), but I have a hole in my hand and money seems always to disappear.


Motor wise i could also use a recommendation : 6374 or 6880?

This is by the way my ‘prestige’ build, i find it diff to find quality parts as the current market seems to address itself more towards builds on a tighter budget iso premium quality (which is completely understandable). However having 3 moneypits already standing still in storage, i am a bit cautious into dumping cash into ‘premium premium’ as it often overcomplicates stuff leading to being broken in a corner (in this case direct gear drive or keeping it simple belt?)

I fall in love with every Red Ember deck I see.


IMG_20181013_133332 IMG_20181013_133055 IMG_20181013_133150


Such a nice deck. (I have one in the making…) You’ve got to go with the red 6374s from Maytech no?


@treenutter is an artist. that deck is absolutely beautiful.


Fully agree! What a work of art that is.


@treenutter is the real deal :slight_smile:


Found these :smile: b62740bd3991c704c81e2cb56d9fb94db5052651_1_250x500


Lucky bastard. Where?

Wellll lets keep that a secret before anyone else scoops them underneeth my feet hehe… But it was in Europe somewhere. Price not super nice (like 120 dollar each) but hey, beggers cant be choosers. I had a buddy of mine contact the shop in their native language. Turns out they had 2 new and 1 slightly used, so I bought all of them.


Almost forgot I also got myself a set of 107 Abec and a set of Bergmeister wheels (because I could split with @pjotr47 and it was a nice deal) . Both Unities came in too… Now its waiting for the Maytech engines, SR RKP trucks, and score motor mounts somewhere


I have 2x6374 on the way and 4 of those 68whatshamacallit. Not sure which setup I will go (dual 73, dual 68, quad 68…)


Just saw that they have one for sale here. They only have one. I would bye it. But I have just spend too much on parts right now. So I will pass it to you so you can have two sets :slight_smile: Its only 77€


That it the last one in stock in the universe.

And I had it in my cart - but I must control my self.

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Thats recent as in this week as i looked at their site to get the code of the plates

Yeah I have checked regularly also and this is the first time I have seen them there.

This baseplate will pair perfectly with the upcoming @3DServisas @Kug3lis 240SR hanger and geared drivetrain on the 41” Evo project.

Thank you. :smile:

It better!