Dead Lipo Cell (Ran to Long) 0.0v

Hey Guy’s i have a miltistarr batery and let iT run way to low and now one cel wont charge wat do i need to do ???

Properly dispose/recycle it and buy a new one.


Typically when this happens its best to toss the Lipo of you dont know what you are doing. Other options you have is to charge the lipo cell individualy till it reaches a common voltage between the others.

None of which is safe, like @Pantologist Toss the pack, and use Lipo Alarms, or proper voltage cut offs Bms Ect.

What voltage is it reading? The dead cell.

Usually just one cel will die. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can revive it

Adventurous = if you’re equipped to contain an exploding lithium battery. At a bare minimum I’d say a proper fire extinguisher, being outside well away from anything flamable.

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Precisely :wink:

But all jokes aside. It’s possible. I’ve done it many times

But, even if you revive the low cell, will it come back in full strength or will it maintain the higher internal resistance that it acquired when it was over discharged and continue to be a weak cell in the pack?

Agreed, my caster board uses such, once drained cells, I revived them charging slowly with low current. I just put them in metal bucket for first charging process :smiley:

@Namasaki in my case one cell was completely dead, I was not able to revive it, others seem to be fine even though they were drained to almost 0 volts (antispark drained them over time)

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I’ve never heard of that happening. Is it common?

As @squad said. A cell at 0 volts is gone for good. But even if it has .1 volt I’ve fixed it before.

The internal resistance in the cell is VERY high when the voltage is so low so you have to charge at a very very low amp rate to make sure the cell doesn’t heat up. I usually have it in a cinder block with a fan blasting to make sure it stays cool.

As far as performance loss… idk. I haven’t ever tested it properly. But the cells never died again after and kept up with other cells as far as voltage when discharged

Ok, that pretty much answers my question.

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It depends on the design, the one I used must have pulled more current in standby than anticipated, I left two lipos plugged in my mountainboard for over a month in garage with temperature near zero degrees celcius, it drained the cells almost completely (or the FET might be faulty as it failed just a little bit later). As I wrote out of twelve cells only one died completely, I revived others and they seem to hold just fine.

Anti-spark switches drain the battery??

Maybe I missed this in my research but first I have heard.

Tnx for the help When i charge the deed cell via the balnce conector iT wil not gold any charge 0.0v so i tink iT is deed but now is my question Can dis cel damage other cels in series / do i have to get iT out of the pack fast

Btw it was not a anty spark plug just al littel volt meter and i let the baterys sit for like a week and they batterys were 4,5v eatch but one fully Works :slight_smile:

if any one stil one know 1 battery sthil hase all mah and one hase one dead sellbut all mah