Dead motor, esc probmlem, begin of depression (not really)

Hello, this monday I received this esc from aps

I plugged it in like so problem I turned it on, motors started doing beep beep sounds (normal) when they stopped I used remote to see if the esc will make motors turn one of the motors (Yellow cable) started making sound like it wants to spin but it didn’t and few seconds later it started smoking the other motor (Black cable) did nothing at all my setup: 37040888_1701479056637440_2173454241497088000_n burned motor: 36997353_1701478993304113_6966252644180426752_n37087324_1701478869970792_1568058500678942720_n37007493_1701478943304118_3863820929591148544_n37097619_1701479073304105_3533027092528627712_n I don’t know if esc or motor failed motors are 90mm hubs from Maytech, I used those with 12S before, with different esc and thay worked perfectly fine anyone has an idea of why that happened? PS. I didn’t know I can be so annoyed, I was about to finish this build