[DEAL]Samsung 30q 3.85$ @ Gearbest

https://www.gearbest.com/batteries/pp_399866.html?wid=21 After reading about the price increase of these batteries on nkon imr batteries and elsewhere this is a pretty good deal in my oppinion, depending where you live taxes could be a problem but see this for yourself

i will not buy samsung for a while. They will go back to their price eventually. Besides i prefer konions.

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Use GBNovember as a promo code for an extra 10% off

But…I made a comparison between gearbest and nkon.nl to see how much of a deal it actually is.

(1) gearbest will only deliver 32 cells in a single order to the EU (maybe a few more but not another 8 cells not sure about NA or other places)

(2) The price difference even with a sub-100 cell order was only about 3-4 euros cheaper.

(3) I have read some grumbling about the cell quality or at least the condition of the cell wrap and marks, gearbest’s cells were said to be a little marred although consensus says they are real Samsung cells.

So in my opinion still use nkon.nl, especially as you can make a 48 cells order with a single shipment which negates any price difference.

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To be honest I didnt do much research about them, but yeah nkon is a good deal also as always