Dear NYC ESK8er Riding Up 23rd and 8th Today

Dear NYC ESK8er Riding Up 23rd and 8th Today. So today I saw an electric skateboarder riding up 23rd St today crusin’ at probably 30-40mph. Had a sweet setup probably 90mm wheels, it was actually pretty loud and quite insane. Happened at 5:30 on Aug 15, 2016.

Maybe it was @Kaly man I miss NYC

The board was moving pretty fast but the overall design looks pretty similar… Hmm. Yeah NYC is the place to be!

Yes that was me, except for the 40mph part lol


haha nice. you were flying!

:frowning: not me , for the city pneumatics and high speed :slight_smile:

haha this is funny, maybe me. im always flying around 23rd and 8th ave. in the mornings on 7th ave :wink: my board maxes out at 37mph. I always ride WOT!!

is this the board you saw?

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37mph?? What are the specs on that beast?

7s a123 20ah primatic cells. dual diag 245kv 6364 custom motors. skyrc toro 120 escs 20t/36t ratio 90mm wheels winning remote

I’m starting to see more esk8ers around the city. Def wasn’t me yesterday. My board was out of commission so I had to take my E-GO backup.

yeh see them everywhere these days. Just this morning i think i saw someone with a carvon hubs with orange wheels but couldnt follow him to talk, cuz i was in a rush to move my car before it got towed with the alt sides lol.

Just did the math and that thing has a theoretical max of 38mph. Crazy stuff. Be careful going that fast with the winning remote, I’ve had my brakes not respond and throttle get stuck (not physically) with it. That’s why I changed remotes.

oh thanks good to know i only been using it recently. I used to use the benchwheel remote without any issues for over a year.

Reminds me, I need to grab one of those when you get them.

Sure thing :wink:

Oh yeah, positive it was you. I remember the yellow and green wheels! This time I’m sure :slightly_smiling_face:!!

You crazy!

Yep we definitely need to do a NYC meetup sometime soon.

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Count me in!

I’m down for that!