“Death Wish” | LandYachtz Evo Falcon 36" | TB 218mm | Dual TB 6374 190kv | TB 12s4p Li-ion | Dual TB VESC

Full disclosure, I’ll probably end up hurting myself on this board. From others I have seen on here with similar builds, I’m looking at a top speed in the 30 - 35mph range, and a total distance of 20-25 miles/charge. This is my first longboard in a while, and on top of that it will be my first electric longboard. I was looking hard at the Evolve Bamboo ($1,400), and after reading about it, seeing the specs, and figuring out how much they actually spent building it, I can do better, for cheaper.

My budget is $1,700, so I tried to be realistic with parts, weighing quality vs price. I’m springing for the things that I feel are most important to an enjoyable ride; a nice solid deck, powerful motors, a big battery, and a good remote.

Let’s get the build list out of the way:

  1. Landyacthz Evo Falcon 36"
  2. TorqueBoards (TB) 218mm trucks
  3. Abec 11 107mm 75A wheels
  4. Heady Shake bearings and spacers
  5. 2 x TB 3mm risers
  6. 2 x TB 6374 190kv Motors
  7. 2 x TB Motor Mounts 15mm 16T
  8. 2 x TB Wheel pulleys 15mm 36T
  9. 2 x Focbox VESC
  10. TB 12s4p lithium ion battery and 20” enclosure
  11. EnertionBoards remote/receiver

Updated Estimated cost of the parts is $1,550 + tax + shipping. So I think I’m in the $1,700 range once I figure all the other things in.

This is going to take me a few months to put together, since I’m piecing it together as I can afford the parts. Battery will be the biggest expense at $545. The deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings are on their way next week. Will post pics once I get them in.


All those choices seem solid!! I just ordered a set of those Bigfoot 97’s. I like the all black with white lettering on the sidewall.

Disclaimer: I’m spoiled.

I have 3 sets of ABEC 11 Flywheels that I ride frequently. I’ve ridden bigfoots and never will again. Do yourself a favor and get some ABEC 11 Flywheels and save the money wasted in bigfoots.


I had a few pairs of abec11 wheel from my downhill boards when I started looking into esk8 stuff. I was excited to find out they were prefect for it. I was collecting parts without meaning to. Abec 11s are the best.


Use focboxes though. TB vescs are not great… I’ve had a few fail on me. And others have here as well

Also checkout ebay for Abec 11 wheels. Ebay periodically has coupons lately for 15-20% off and can save you 20 bucks on wheels if you’re going bigfoots as a price thing

Torqueboards also has 10% discount codes occassionally, which can save you a chunk of change


I appreciate the input. Can you tell me what the benefit of Focboxes is? I see a lot of people using them on higher end builds. I figured it was something where only a veteran could feel the difference. They are 50% more expensive ($150 vs $99), so that would bump my budget significantly.

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Great advice. Was looking at them, and I just figured wheels were wheels, why spend more than $60 on a set. I guess I am going to be going north of 25 mph on this thing.

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FocBox has a higher’ish ERPM limit, can get hotter, are generally more robust than standard 4.12 hardware.

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$50 more for a part you’re less likely to have to replace.


Enertion refuses to ship stuff to my area. Any idea where to get a focbox in Europe?

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@Jonnyboy89 Check the flat space on the Evo falcon to make sure there is enough clearance for the 12S battery and enclosure. At 36" and with the wedged tails, the foot platform is shorter than you might expect. disclaimer: I make and sell decks for esk8 :slight_smile:

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The enclosure is 20”. I’ll measure the space today when I get the deck in and put trucks on

Gotcha. Just will have to save a bit more for that. Makes sense though. Didn’t realize people hadn’t problems with the TB VESC’s

How do the TB 218mm trucks compare to something like Caliber 184mm? I know it’s less width, so narrower track means more maneuverable. That also means less stable at high speeds, which isn’t my real goal. I probably will rarely go over 20mph

I like the TB 218’s more than the Caliber 2 10/50’s because the tolerances are tighter on the TB 218’s. Its easier to fit motor mounts and they are more predictable.

Keep in mind, you don’t need wide trucks to make a stable board, its just easier to make a stable board with wide trucks. Bushings, tightness of the hanger to base plate, angle, etc. all come into play when trying to get the slop out of trucks.

If you want ultra carvey go with Surf Rodz TKP’s, they are more expensive but you will only have to buy 1 time. You can get them from @psychotiller along with his motor mounts which, in my opinion, are the best available.


Ive personally blown through 3 torqueboards vescs, and I’ve heard numerous countenances of others having similar experiences.

I went with the tb vescs originally because I bought everything else there and figured I’d give them a shot. Plus fast shipping to US.

Pretty convinced now that they’re just not the way to go.

Enertion focboxes have been on sale too, as low as 120 each in the past months.


Good to know. I’m near Muir skate shop in San Diego, and they have a bunch of stuff in stock, but nothing that wide, or that would fit the TB motor mounts as well as the TB trucks likely will

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Update #1

So at the advice of some knowledgeable people here, I’m changing my build a bit. I’ll be springing for the nicer wheels and higher quality VESC’s. I’m considering a Redemberboards board, but I have a sweet deal lined up on my evo falcon that I’m having a hard time passing up. Found a friend with one not even used willing to give me for $130. The updates are made in my build list

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No idea. Perhaps someone else in here does. Being in America has its perks when it comes to shipping

You could get ESCape from @stewii. He’s in UK and he seems to have some more available, though you may need to hurry up. ESCape is also VESC 6.