Deck Advice: Help me find the right board!


I’m looking for a new allrounder deck and I just can’t find the right one.

What I have in mind:

  • Suited for up to 50 km/h
  • Still good maneuverability (KICKTAIL!)
  • A bit of Concave for control (but still fairly flat bottom side to mount enclosures)
  • Slight flex for comfort
  • Topmount preferred (OR Burried Dropmount)
  • Dropped or Flat doesn’t matter (but I doubt you will find a dropped board with kicktail)
  • Raw wood look
  • Not too thick/heavy
  • Basically a classic cruiser just not in a cruiser shape but in more of a directional downhill shape
  • Price lower than 100€

Boards that come close to the ideal:

<img src=“” width=“500” height="500"Y>

Flaw: A bit short for 50km/h, non blank, non burried drop holes

Flaw: SHAPE, non blank

Flaw: Non blank, Price

Flaw: Missing Kicktail, non burried drop holes

I hope you have a fair idea of what I’m looking for now and that I can help other people deciding on the right board with this topic.

Advice, Help, Recommendations and free candies are appreciated!

Cheers, @ACIN

The type you seem to be looking as a blank and for decent price is very rare and I have yet to see even a custom-deck builder offer that kind of configuration. It is more likely with this kind of requirement to build your own. However, if you are open to alternative options, let me point you in the direction of @treenutter. He just finished a custom deck for me and has already built a few for others. Mine has not arrived yet, but others who have them and have ridden them say that it is superb in both quality and comfort. They are drop-decks, which I was skeptical of, until others successfully built a few esk8s with them. On top of this, customer service and experience is the best I have ever seen. Here is one build to look at for reference:


I mean I could always sand the paint off and redo it with clear paint but that would be suboptimal pricewise.

That board looks great and all but I don’t think they will offer the maneuverability I’m aiming for.

PM the people who own decks and ask questions - from what I have read they are extremely comfortable and easy to control at speed

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I imagine so but need it to be easy to control without speed too.

i’d look through the deck inspiration thread. Tons of cool decks you could try.

It’s always hard to suggest a deck because it’s such personal preference. My favorite part of DIY esk8 - ability to take the deck you already love, or one you just dig and want - and make it electric. BUT kind of like asking if you like blondes or redheads better (Redheads are better btw but usually bit crazy). :laughing:

Asking for flex AND 50kph/31mph setup is a bit tough. Usually when you want to go really fast you’ll want a stiff downhill deck. If you really expect to frequently go at the top end of your speed range - i’d move away from flex and stick to a stiff DH deck. If you want a bit of shock absorption - get shockpad risers (the thin 1/4 - 1/8 " kind), and softer bigger wheels like 75a in 83/90/97mm.

A great stiff kicktail i like a lot - Omen Sugar. But you’ll have to run smaller wheels as it’s topmount without wheel cutouts.

Also checkout the Bustin Maestro for a drop through w/ double kicks. 3 sizes - i think it’ll be a bit flexy and might not be great for the top speed.



Im using one of Red Ember Boards (@treenutter). I’ll say this, Ive never felt so locked in on a deck before. I started not being a fan of drop decks, I have since changed my mind with this deck. I regularly hit 30MPH and its stolid as a rock…


Thanks for the link but I already checked those decks out a while ago.

About the flex, I really meant SLIGHT flex. Based on my experience (and light weight) there was nothing wrong with a tiny bit of flex even when going faster. I’m not talking about a rolling trampoline! :wink:

I’m sure that cruiser deck would feel great to ride but I just can’t over this clunky and boring look they have…

They really look well built! I wouldn’t doubt for a second that you have excellent control with these at 30 mph, but I doubt they can offer these minimal turning radii I’m aiming for. :sweat:

@anorak234 @mmaner thanks! @ACIN you can see more here

Most of my designs are between 29"-31" wheelbase; but no kicktails yet :slight_smile:

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Getting these made. Wood and carbon with 23"x 5.5" x 13mm deep. Hole follows contour of board. I can’t get my video to attach showing the flex


One of my top pics is the never summer el jefe. And the price is right in the middle.

Those do look like some quality boards, so thanks for your help - but being so picky I will probably end up having to search another few days or end up making my own board. You did what you could to help.

Went to a boardshop today but they didn’t have the raw natural wooden kicktailed minimally flexible and concaved top mount certainly shaped speedproof longboard deck I’m searching for. :grin:

I hope I will be able to post here soon to share what I chose.

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You should really try out a Jet Potato 33, I have yet to meat anyone that doesn’t love the feel of it. It looks goofy as hell, but rides like a dream. It has a kicktail, great concave, is a little flexy…great deck.

Probably what I should choose. Maybe I just need to get my shit together and forget looks

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Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find a deck you really like make your own. I got a blank press from longhairboy and cut it out myself.


Its ugly dude, i mean its hairy ass ugly, but it rides great :slight_smile:

Here is what you’re describing. I’ve built a board with this deck and it’s crazy smooth with abec 11 wheels.

Valhalla Skrilla - it literally has all the features you’re looking for.

Here is the Skrilla I built painted black.

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Thanks for the link, it seems like that board really fits everything I asked for. At least after removing the purple logo and cutting it to the (faittail/striker) shape I want. It is fairly expensive though (200€ with shipping) and I’m not sure about how those wheel cutouts look after cutting the desired shape into it.

I might be able to find a cheaper deck of similar traits on one of those custom board sites…