Deck for my new build Pintail vs Potato

What do you guys think??? I’m currently finishing the enclosure on the build for my girlfriend and starting my own build. Her deck is this:

I really like the pintail design but I had issues getting a slim enclosure to fit all components with a 23.5" wheelbase and 8" width at its widest point.

I’m at a point where I need to choose the deck for my build and was thinking of going with a JET Potato deck for the longest time, but now I kind of want a pintail too, so now I’m looking at you guys to maybe convince me one way or the other!

Here are some of the decks I’m considering,

Or if you have any other recommendations, let me know! Max budget is around 90ish, I really dont want to go over $100

Check this thread

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I have this 44" pintail and 29" potato. both are awesome!

pintail is pretty flexxy bamboo so you need small split enclosures. but you can even ride double or take a walk while riding lol

but the potato is nicer for long rides because of the concave. and about 1000x easier to carry around and use everyday…

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OR I could motorize Plank…! After I give him a little more foot friendly shape…

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I’ve been to Muirskate, its a wherehouse with a showroom in front. They have a lot of decks.