[Deck Found] Hummie Deck + Enclosure (Canada/USA)

Anyone has an extra deck or even deck + enclosure? I’m just realizing that the high power build I’m planning will probably not work well for me (6’2") on the HAYA deck because of the 36" wheelbase, I need a wider stance. The Hummie deck has the right wheelbase for me.

I have a SS enclosure from XXXXX if you want that

CORRECTION: I have a SS enclosure from Big Ben for the hummie.

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Hit me up bout the enclosure if @gmurad doesn’t snag it!

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Thanks, I’m gonna wait to find the deck first which seems to be the harder part.

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When they come back will it be through a group buy which will require a waiting period or would it be “in stock”?

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In stock. In about 5 weeks though.

Estimate for price shipped? :crossed_fingers:t2:Still $125?

I’m gunna sell w enclosures and hardware for 200 or 225. Show u soon.


I have a deck, I routed the bottom to fit NESE Modules. Still as strong as before, just not perfect lines. Make an offer.

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Never been ridden. Just stood on it over carpet to make sure it was still as strong as before. Has a few scuffs, but grip tape will cover completely.

Bought the deck from @uigiroux. Thread can me closed.

Im looking to purchase a hummie deck. Any idea where and how i can buy one? Please e mail me asap. Wtill play top dollar for it [email protected]

@Hummieee said on the other forum that he will sell more decks in the future