Deck Hook Quality

I just got my deck hook today but haven’t tried it yet. It was mailed to me directly from the factory in Shenzhen China via China ePacket so I’m not sure why it cost so much to ship…anyway, the sewing on the strap is questionable in terms of the weight it has to hold So I just wanted to post this here. I’ll be sewing it better because last thing I want is for my board to fall off my 6 feet standing height


Wow that’s pretty terrible. I am actually backer nr.1 and I still haven’t received it yet but this makes me worried…


As a backer my self I’m really dissapointed. I saw that someone else posted in the Kickstarter comments saying that it instantly snapped when they put on their Koowheel.

I just received mine today too. Mine looks the same quality as @Mikenopolis I also tested it out with evolves double kingpin trucks and it does not work. I do recall they said it would work with double kingpin trucks but obviously not evolves chunky trucks. More like gullwing.

I’m not too fussed that it doesn’t work with the evolve as the board would be too big to comfortably carry on a backpack but I assume some backers bought it for that reason.

Yet to test it out with my two commuters which are on caliber 2 trucks. I assume it will be sweet with those trucks. Just need to fix the poor stitching first.


I’m pretty sure someone on the forum would be able to make those with a way better quality :grin:

How much did you guys pay for that thing ?

I think it was $25 with $20 shipping BS. I believe they advertised retail would be $50?

$50… :crazy_face: With that crappy sewing, that’s nuts. I’m pretty sure we’ll find the same thing on AliExpress in the next month or so, with free or very cheap shipping.

Thats disappointing :frowning: I was looking forward to it

Just got home. It not BS. Is bull diarrhea to the max If I still have a regular skateboard I’m sure it would be great. I had wanted to use this for range test to deplete a board while having a 100% board on my back.

It barely fit the calibers from Enertion nothing else

Also. iOS default writing on picture sucks. I miss my Galaxy Note SPen.


So it seems that the space between the base and the 2 hooks is too small, do you think you’ll be able to just bent the 2 hooks a bit so they fit other trucks ?

So… RKP trucks are no good

Man I made one of these for about $5, all parts from Walmart. Consisted of a coat hook that screws into the wall and a few feet of paracord. I’ll try to get some pictures of it as it was for a friend.

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Wow that’s bad…still tho for an Robards worth a lot of money I couldn’t put it on that and be happy it wouldn’t 1 get robbed as it’s just sitting there and two fall… I think a dedicated board bag is the best solution like omens bag which I’m surprised theres no competition for

Posted a video, at 0:26 I showed how it will work with a Boosted board. This is a design flaw, they need to have a larger/longer hook because the plastic locking mechanism is what’s getting in the way!

I just bent the hooks out and it seems to work better.

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Other users has this problem

And here’s MINE

When I get mine I may be able to solve that problem with a 3d printed retainer and replacement straps that wind in between the 3d print. When I get it I will draw it up as it probably dosnt make sense right now

They asked for funding for a product that hasn’t even been tested properly… Nice. Is there a way to tell Kickstarter that this campaign is BS ? To force the company to refund people or send a new copy of the product. I feel bad for you and others that backed up the campaign. This was a good idea but it’s been done the wrong way.

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Wow damn terible sewing job. On this material, i would sewing a square, with an additional X through. And it looks like, the strips are not flamed, baaad mistake on this strips. And this litle nipples :disappointed: no words, but honestly, no better idea. Maybe not, using this magnets, more these forkclips and sewing this.