Deck, Mount, Pulleys for first build

Excited to get my first build underway. Looking forward to posting in the E-board “builds” category one day soon! But first, a few questions:

  1. 37" Arbor Vugenhausen deck - Is this deck going to be too big to be maneuverable enough for urban commuting?

  2. Protoboard Motor Mount - Has anyone had experience with this vendor? His Caliber motor mount is the most reasonably priced that I’ve seen on the market.

  3. Pulley system for 80mm Kegels, I’m planning on a 3D printed wheel pulley and an eBay motor pulley (e.g. 1 or 2). Is this an exercise in futility? Are there any less expensive options than the $50 DIYElectric solution?

Thanks for your help!

just received my @ProtoBoards mount yesterday. It looks very nice :thumbsup:

Service was also excellent.

Don’t be fooled though - the motor in the picture is only attached with 2 srews because the mounting hole distance is different to the more common SK3s and other 63 motors. Seems to hold quite nicely however. Will try it like this.


That’s what I use, its by far the best deck I’ve ever owned. It turns great, no worries.

I’ve dealed with @ProtoBoards, very good service, had a problem with my card playing up to and he worked that one out with me, replies to messages straight away and quick postage. All good :slight_smile:

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