Deck Recommendation- Landyachtz Versus Original Skateboard

Hi I am a newbie to electric skateboards and I am putting together the specs for my first build. Right now I’m planning on making a single motor board with a turnigy 6264 190kv and a 10s4p li-ion battery. The biggest question I have right now is what deck to go with, I am debating between a landyachtz nine-two-five and an Original Skateboard 41 Concave. They’re both stiff drop through boards, but I cant decide between them as I am worried the landyachtz might wheel bite if I put 90mm abec 11 flywheels on it. any recommendations would help on picking a deck. also since I’m posting if anyone has a recommendation on where to find a good VESC, I was planning on just using an ESC but after reading the forum I decided a VESC would be better.

@yummyblobs & @JohnnyMeduse Have some Vesc-x’s for a good price. They’re both great guys. Expect $130 w/shipping.

I’d choose Landyachtz over Original any day

I’d look for a topmount instead of drop-thru. You are going to need the extra clearance. You can always topmount a drop-thru board, but it just makes it weaker than a board without the cutout. Some people have used the cutout to hold a voltage meter or loop key

Yeah that was my exact plan although I’m considering putting the motor on the back cause I kinda like the look of it.

the cutaway decks are nice because no wheel bite. but less area to mount your internals.

i’d go landyachts if you wanna go with larger wheels down the road.

Wait sorry noob question. If i get a torque VESC and use it with a 10s4p 18650 battery bank with the LG HG@ it would give me 36V and 80A. will the 80A fry my VESC if it’s only rated to 60A?

u can set parameters in the vesc. 80a continuous draw for an extended period may fry your vesc, but rarely do u do that. I doubt ur motor will pull that much current.

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Dont get a torque vesc. Just saying.

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I even got the 9two5 and 97mm wheels but with evolve trucks. Plenty of space.

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I like the battery enclosure! Where did you get it from?

I think he made it himself!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I made it myself. I have the mould so can make one any colour. I’m making a new mould with branding a little bit like this.


You should take a look at redemberboards

@treenutter has been producing some nice work! Plus you would be supporting a small business with a owner with a passion for the sport!


Thx for the mention @chaka! @sterlinggray4 DM me w any questions. My designs are created for esk8 :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with a torque VSEC? are Ollinboards or FOCBOX’s really that much better?

Well we’ve got about 32+ in our group. The torque vesc took out half the crew within 2 months, all different builds, all different motors and configurations.

How so? What kind of failures did they have?

Did you experience spontaneous cutouts under high load at all?

@Deckoz could you eleborate more, this is the first I’ve heard about this. If the Torque is so bad then what should I look into?

-cutouts under load -DRV faults at various speeds, some just from the board being turned off then back on -few D5 failure -couple L1 failures -FETs going bad or shorted from reflowing under load due to the terrible thermal characteristics

lots of the DRV failures were just without cause, after a few hundred miles. No signs on the boards

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