Deck recommendations please!

Look i fixed it lol


:rofl: actual tears now.


Im out of :heart:


I got you brah :joy:


Off topic. Reported


FFS Spunk. I searched everywhere for Big Bender but couldn’t find them. So unhelpful. GTFO. :laughing:

Ps. tots buying hummie board and enclosure if Benjamin has them in stock


So worth it. Next level ish for sure

That and a required alteration. Such a shame because I loved the setup :frowning:

how so? What’s gotta change? Heatsink?

I give you…

Exhibit A: 02

Exhibit B: 23

And finally, exhibit C: 47

They’ve pulled through, snapped and overall failed. I made the enclosure myself (first time) and while it went well, I got my measurements wrong for the lip. My mould had plenty of lip room (25mm) but I didn’t take into account the width of the material. I also rushed meaning the lip wasn’t as strong as the rest of it. All in all, bad move.

Overall I’m really happy with it but I think it’s time to buy a product rather than attempt being completely DIY. I’m just super happy with my cable management and heat sink stuff which is a pain… 10

What enclosure is that?

I made it myself out of fiber glass. Did the trick but wasn’t quite right.

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Such a pity, looks like a really tidy diy


I’m not going to lie - I think it was pretty tidy and it is a massive shame. The issue I’ve got is I don’t really have the time to create a new one so buying something is the best alternative.

Thanks for the nice comment though :slight_smile:

Ben and hummie are both really cool guys. £150 for an immediately available, purpose made deck and enclosure is an absolute steal. It’s my next build too :grin: you won’t be disappointed.

This is my thinking. The fact they’re designed for esk8s has sold it more than anything. I’m just waiting to hear back from Ben about availability.

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late to the party but shit that had me in stitches. Big bender. spunk. too much.