Deck recommendations

Looking for a stiff (I’m 93kg) deck with room for a 10s4p flatpack (150mm wide x 400mm long). I would also like to make something I can throw AT wheels on when I feel like it. I’ve looked at

Evolve gtx- apparently too flexy Landyachtz 925 - good wheelbase and length but unsure if I need drop through? Would there be enough clearance to put 6-7” wheels on? Db freeride

I currently use an arbor vugenhausen 37” and it’s just a little too short wheelbase to fit everything on (with the cutouts) and could do with a touch more concave.

I plan on turning the vugenhausen in to a commuter with the ownboard/Meepo/banshee upgrades hub and esc and my 10s3p and then building up this new deck with 4p and a new enclosure. Running dual 6374…


One name… @treenutter


Not sure what to do with that?

Treenutter runs

These boards can house up to 10S5P and use at least 6" AT wheels. Even 12S5P if you are not using BMS or an extremely small BMS and using small ESC’s.

Just a note, enclosure area is 23 1/2 max.

If you are in Australia, I can sell you an unused Caldera deck with Surf Co tail guards. The product is very good. Just not enough space for 12S5P plus BMS plus 2 VESC 6.0.

Edit: Yes, I noticed L3chef, updated

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I believe Caldera, Mas and Obeah6 is design for 6" pneumatics

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Thanks guys, I’m in aus will take a look

Edit: yep perfect thank you. I love the fact these are boutique and not too expensive