Deck recommendations?

I’m looking for a flexible drop drown deck that is short and light and either with a kick tail or a kick tail like solution, any ideas?

What’s drop drown?

Or is drop-down what you mean?


Hey stop drowning your decks! Not cool! Decks also has feelings !


I like double drops personally but they don’t make them in lengths that I like

what size u look for?



ah havnt seen any longer than 40" for double :disappointed:

Globe a 41" Drop (HG Geminon Drop)

And Rayne has a 42" Drop DemonSeed

That’s about the closest your gonna get to a long drop deck.

Double drops don’t work well for esk8

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I have a drop down that I’m wanting to customize for someone its 8ply of hard rock maple so I would say it wouldnt meet your flexible or light requirements but the light weight is more on out much stuff you add to your board

i’m confused, a double drop deck normally does not flex much? :thinking:

little details of the demonseed make it sweet… & I have mucho love for Decky-Bro but!

what are you riding? does it not have a double drop :astonished:

muhaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I mean drop through with a drop ie a double drop :confused:

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yeah I have one of those, a rayne reaper with moes NKP-3links, mounted: top mount… still a double drop deck :slight_smile: and they are normally in rayne speak “speed stiff”

the distance from the deck/foot placement line the evo is a double drop by mechanics regardless of if the truck is mounted to or bottom, it is mounted way above the deck…

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Gotcha, yea Rayne doesn’t offerthe nemesis or DemonSeed in Drop-Though any more just top mount single drop :confused:

But yes the severe drop puts it at double drop heights :slight_smile: