Deck style for a heavy beginner

I’ve already googled and read several articles, but not many reference electric boards. I was the kid that built the ramps for the cool skateboards cause I wasn’t coordinated enough. 30 years later I want to give it another go and mix my engineering passion.

My goal is to build a basic proof of concept and make sure I enjoy riding. Then give to my wife and build something a step up.

Neither of us are skaters, so I want a stable board. I was looking a drop down decks and figure at my weight I’d need at least a 8-ply board. Am I correct in this?

Looking at cheap plain decks from $30-$50, I realize you get what you pay for but as a proof of concept board it does need to be fancy just hold me.

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Hey, cool project ! I will be thinking your way. Around 40", 8/9/10 ply … Maybe you should go a shop a try some ! To be sure :wink: it’s the best way !

Make sure to get a stiff deck, us heavy guys can ride flexy decks but only push boarding the electronics would bust lol.

Any downhill deck will do, I like the Evo or the Loaded tesseract but I haven’t tried cheap no name decks

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Unfortunately I live in rural Ohio, finding a shop with longboard stock is not the easiest.

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The Evo Skate 11 plyes and stable shape will be the good choice I guess. It will be my choice ! :blush: (but I suppose the price is bit too much for a beginner )

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I’ve looked for complete decks with caliber trucks but typically those are $120. Figured blank deck $50, $35 trucks, and clone wheels will be a little cheaper and get me what I’m looking for. Assuming I can figure out what that is.

I plan on 97mm wheels so I can likely do a drop dow. Style and still have room for components.

Calibur trucks are not that expensive. Even TB 218mm trucks are only $60


Even special caliber 2 are $55

I was referencing the cheapest complete boards with caliber trucks, they just aren’t the style in looking for and the wheels would need replaced anyway.

Don’t buy a complete you will have extra parts you don’t need like wheels and cheap bearings.

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