Deck Swapped Blink S2 (hardly used) for $500

Title says it all. Friend wants it gone for some quick travel cash. The deck is a routed out Bustin Limited Royce Pro. This is a hardly used S2 with less than 2 charge cycles on smooth pavement. Value with the work & money put into it is at least 1000 USD, however friend needs the travel money ASAP, so I think $800 is more than fair.


ill buy the deck, just the deck

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Yikes that’s expensive


Sorry, it’s a package deal for this one.

its surprisingly fair considering that a new blink s2 costs about $1000, and this one is already swapped to a better deck


I think perhaps the point is that maybe swapped or not, new or used, the s2 is expensive especially compared to other boards with similar performance


$800 is a pretty good sweet spot for a board of this caliber. Electric cruiser wise, versus say a similarly priced Riptide R1 hat has yet to ship, this board matches it in speed/power, has greater range, and uses an arguably more refined deck with a kicktail.

For $800 you could make a 4WD Meepo, pick up a used boosted, or build a board that would beat most production boards.

That being said, having ridden the S2, I do think it is nice to ride, and I’m sure you’ll sell it when you find the right buyer. Goodluck :grinning:


Of course I always advocate building if you can. However building a board isn’t for the faint of heart. For example the battery costs $200. If you build your battery, then that’s $120-$140 in components plus another $140-$150 for an assembled arduino spot welder. You’ll want to put aside $300 for 2 FOCBOXes, at least $150 for 2 90mm Maytechs, $100-$150 for an equivalent deck, $50-$75 depending on what remote you want to buy/build, and $100-$150 for suspension related components. Even if you switch to cheaper components, the bill still tallies above the cost of this board. I don’t care if you get to keep the tools after you’re done, it still factors into the cost to produce the board.

Case in point, I’m looking to sell this board to someone that doesn’t have time for all of that.


For the sake of discussion (I don’t want to start an argument), I’ll provide a counter example that supports my claim.

My board: Battery: $150, total cost. VESC (2): $180, Motor (2): $180, Gearing (2x 16/36): $34, Mount (2): $100, Trucks: $30, Wheels: $30, Deck: $25, Enclosure: $50, Switch/Batt display/Wire: $20, Remote: $30.

Total Cost: $829.
Range: 12-15 miles Top Speed: 35 MPH

the worst thing about the Acton boards are the cheap remotes. For what they charge, these need better remotes


you forgot: wire connectors soldering iron heatshrink heat gun the skill to be able to assemble everything right the first time (biggie) random things that pop up (atleast $150)

this board is a good deal lol

Nobody ever factors labor and time into these discussions…$829 huh? So since you perform labor for free, when can you come mow my lawn and clean up my back yard?

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@GrecoMan I got those for free curtsey of the student lab at my university. I get that not everyone has access to that kind of stuff, but realistically you can use/borrow those tools for cheap or free if you look for opportunities. And what random things cost $150? I could $50 but $150 seems excessive. I’m not arguing whether this was a good board or not, I’m simply providing a counter example to the statement that a good board that beats most production boards can’t be build for ~$800

@Fiori I gave myself free labor since I was building a board for me. Since you do your own taxes you must also perform tax labor for free right? Want to do my taxes for free too?

Your time and labor is worth nothing to you? Mine is worth $75/hour at least. I pay someone to do my taxes.

Well sure when I’m doing labor that’ll benefit someone else I charge them. But for me personally, I enjoy building and testing boards, so I don’t look at it as work, it’s a hobby. Why do it if you’re not having fun :wink:

Announcing a price drop. $500 plus shipping


Hey fellow Esk8 fam,

I have a Blink S2 (for 10 months now) and there is an opportunity to buy a Bustin Royce Pro Deck for like $85 w/ Shipping. I was wondering what you thought about how it rode and whether or not I should jump on it.

A Caveat is I really liked the short deck of the S2 and the Royce Pro 2 is an added 5".

Thanks, any wisdom would be appreciated.


Makes the board a lot more fun to carve around in. Good deck is good deck. Dunno what else I can say about that.

Hi! Is this still for sale, how much, and would you ship to NYC if I pay for the shipping? Thanks!