Deck swapping a boosted to a short board. What are some good decks for it?

The standard one recommended is the loaded poke, but i wonder what shorter decks it could fit on? especially with the extended range battery could it fit on something that has a kicktail and is sub 32 inches total length?

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I like the land yactz short boards i like the gambler…

Or the canyon arrow

Or if 33 is still to long, the dinghy series

Its not just length you have to worry about its wheel base. If you go kicker then the back truck is situated further forward which gives you less room for the enclosures and the boosted battery enclosure is pretty big. Measure everything with as much clearance as you need and then find a good fit.


do those measurements exists somewhere? like, the total length of the boosted enclosure as measured from the center of its wheels

going visually, the poke gets pretty tight but there’s still a bit of room image and going by loaded: the poke’s Wheelbase is 20.75” / 52.71 cm if i had to guess, and if you shoved the two enclosures right next to each other, you could probably squeeze it inside an 18" wheelbase?

although another piece of data, the XR battery is mostly thicker but it is also slightly longer, maybe an inch image

Judging by those pics it seems the poke wheelbase is your limit but you can usually sneak an inch by re-drilling truck holes etc. Sorry i can’t be more help my friend but my kicker runs just one enclosure on a 28 santa cruz cruiser. I had the same trouble trying to get a meepo set up on a 30 kicktail. It really is just an exercise in experimenting. I took my tape down to the local shop and measured about 10 decks till I got one that worked. Good luck!

I think this should fit on to a jet spud deck. They have a max wheel base of 20” I think

Landy Flexy Canyon Arrow looks pretty cool…ha, didn’t see under 32 inches. And mentioned above.

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Did you end up swapping it? If you still have the old Boosted deck and are willing to sell it, let me know!

I’m also looking for a deck like boosted mini. unfortunately without results, they are similar but not the same. maybe there are some new suggestions that are hateful?