Deck width poll!

What’s the deck width on your everyday board?

  • 4in
  • 5in
  • 6in
  • 7in
  • 8in
  • 9in
  • 10in
  • 11in
  • 12in+

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I am collecting feedback for designing my next enclosure to 3D print. I want to make something fairly universal so the rest of this community can use it (If it turns out well that is :grinning: ). I’m mainly curious what the minimum deck width people use is as that is the main constraint.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Edit: Concavity preferences in the comments would also be useful to see :sweat_smile:

9.5" 10chars

Edit: @DragonSwagin second poll = concavity

How much do you like concavity of your boards?

  • concave
  • slight
  • none

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10 inches

I have mixed feelings… due to surfing… I like pintail styles…wide up front narrow in back…

So preferably 9.5-10" up front and 8-8.5 in the back



Please, show me a deck that is 4 inches or less. I’d actually love to see that.

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2x4"? Lol maybe…

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Just wait until someone picks that, then you know who to ask for photos :wink:


It won’t let me add an additional poll, but concavity preferences from everyone would also be extremely useful knowledge!

new thread :wink:

Also add a poll for “preferred” concave and “don’t like” concave

Like, what type do you prefer, and what type can you not stand

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I don’t want to start throwing out poll threads left and right. I’ll give it a day or two before making a new one :joy:

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while there are lots of ways of making a deck fit, I love my rayne fortune but my arbor highground was instantly comfortable.

big wheel flares to help with pockets front/back, the back tapers in, then out for the flare so you always know where you are. W in back too so I find it comfy in tuck but also as you transition/rotate your foot, and you get great leverage on the cut out-rear-flare. It is a old design but it just works for me.


one sec lemme measure Is it just length or Oh wait We talking about longboards my DH deck is 9.5" I also have other boards that are 9" at the front and go slimmer near the end.

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@DragonSwagin what items to you want to be on the concavity poll? I might be able to add it.

Wow. That’s one beautiful looking deck!

Choices: Concave Slight Concave No Concave

add rocker to that list too & maybe foot stop (with no rocker I like one)


Couldn’t add it to original post, put it in the first reply

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I’m not even going to vote in the concavity poll because some concave I like, and some hurts my feet really bad. So without being more specific, there is no correct answer listed there.

Any answer I picked would be untrue, essentially

I like progressive w. Basically a mild w with progressive lips… Lol half assing everything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::rofl::rofl:

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I Like W concave Is that when the board falls in like a V?