Decks with compartment

Hey guys,

while searching for decks with a built in battery compartment I came across this: BriefSkate
Problem is the site seems to be down (I guess he should have sticked around a bit longer and his business would be booming right now ;))

Do you know any other alternatives for a deck with built-in compartment? I like the raptors easy access from the top.

Looks like someone’s been paying for a patent for that design in the states- great idea though!

it baffles me that one can actually patent something like this.
'Murica! I guess :smiley:

Edit: Actually I think that is the same guy that sold the briefskate. And they even payed the fee in April 2016 so maybe they’ll try to give it another go.

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I guess that is a complete and look at that thickness!