Deeif’s Delirious Build For Sale

Hey guys! Although you guys make think it’s Ground Control for sale, it’s not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’d like to put up for sale a custom build done on the Evo deck and beautifully skinned by Mr @Sender

The specs can be found in the pop down” menu by pressing the “click me” below (it can be confusing sometimes)

The price is $3500 OBO (Or Best Offer) and it is located in Los Angeles, CA but willing to ship anywhere in the US.

Click Me!

Land yachts Evo w @Sender job

@3DServisas Gear Drive with Fatboy 240mm trucks and a 1:2.6 ratio

Adjustable Hammock baseplates

14 and 15T motor pulleys for extra punch or speed

Dual focbox unity’s with heatsinks and metr pro attached

Hoyt Puck

12s6p 20700b with DieBieBMS and a 6A charger

Almost new Abec 107mm and 6in Bergmeister hubs + tires

50mph loaded speed with Bergs

35mph loaded speed on Abec 107mm

Included is a set of Kegel adapters if you want the extra comfort of TB110’s


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You willing to sell the bergmeisters by themselves with the adapters?


Welcome to the forum. It’s highly unlikely that @DEEIF is willing to part it out.

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Thank you thank you! I just emailed Timo, hopefully he has something. In the meantime, I guess I can wait till they reopen Haggyboards in August.

Or check out @ZeroChamber he’s got some dope hubs. Not sure if they’re released yet.