Def-trap | Trampa MTB | 3D Printed Nylon X | Inner Direct Drive Herringbone Gear


Started making this a little over a year ago, it’s been largely finished for 5 months and has been working great!

6374, 12S3P (Basen IMR 26650), Nylon X printed inner drive train and spur, herringbone gear design, PETG motor mount, modular PETG battery enclosure and electronics enclosure.

More details to follow…

IMG_20180917_213315 IMG_20180917_213336 IMG_20180917_213236 IMG_20180917_213255


Very nice build. Do you have pics of the drive?


Yes the drive seems interesting ! You printed it in nylon ? Will it holds ?

Nylon X (carbon fiber). Its been holding well so far.

IMG_20180614_225106 IMG_20180217_110327 IMG_20180625_230449

Some more images I found… I have a prototype gearbox somewhere, will grab some photos tonight.


Here’s the tinkercad I used during design here: Trampa MTB Parts

The gearbox: gearbox

Use these at your own risk! These designs were printed using high quality filament, on a perfectly calibrated printer.


Thanks for sharing this I’m intrigued, intrigued and coincidentally waiting on a delivery of carbon fiber PETG

Being able to tailor the hanger mount is massive

Come back with pictures when you have something printed

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Great Man! thx so much for sharing this!!! is there a way to include this into my tinkercad library? or can i just download the full design? i want to ungroup some parts so that i can download them seperately.


Hey man have you been able to download the files seperated?

? :thinking: you need to register an account

Then click the download button image

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Yeah i know i have an account and downloaded it but i cant seperate the files for printing

You could export each part directly from tinkercad probably…footwork

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Hmm ok ill try this again and let y know

Ok seems ive been too stupid at tge 1st try now it worked thx man Ill print this for a friend of mine he wants to start a mtb project Keep you up to date if its working

Is your motor gear 3D printed as well?

I’ve done nylon herringbone and spur motor gears (wheel gears all in PETG) but had issues with the grub screws loosening due to the slight flexibility in the Nylon. I’ve always used m4 nuts inserted, flush with the flat faces of the motor shaft inside the motor gears and grub screws secured via loctite to the nylon/nut. Even then, they eventually loosen.

Have you had these issues? Do you use stronger or more rigid nylon? Edit: ah I see, nylon X… strong, rigid… Do you bond the motor gear to the shaft with glue or something? Grub screws? Keyway?

Besides the grub screws thing, especially with keyway, they held up great as long as they were sufficiently enclosed from the elements, never misaligned (herringbone), and keyway kept them turning even with loose grub screws.

I’d love to revisit the 3D printed gear drives at some point.

Can you tell tge gearing ratio on this?

just for info I changed the gears from helical to stright cause straight metal gears are cheaper than helical ones in my case the gear ratio is 52:12 Im going to print this with taulman 910 alloy, keep you up to date if it worked


Herringbone gears used intentionally for strength, maximum surface contact between meshing gears acheived in this configuration. A desirable property for 3d printed gearbox… YMMV if altering the design.

did you also use the 3d printed motor pulley or did you use a metal one? if you use a metal one would it be possible to tell which one you used? Link maybe?? THX very much