Defective Caliber II trucks?

Hey just got a set of Caliber II Trucks 50º 180 mm, and noticed they have what appears to be two cracks on the seat bushings. Looks like this:

Those are mine, and it appears I’m not the only one as I’ve found the following images on an Amazon review… I just don’t know if its “normal”.

Does that look legit, or should I return them?


Hard to tell from the pictures, but it honestly looks like paint just ran a bit right there

Just looks like blemishes in the casting.

I have the same

THAT is exactly how mine looks… Even at a 18:30’ish (look at the circle as if it were a clock) the paint looks a little bubbly, you can’t tell on the pic.

Thing is, to me it dosn’t look like just paint on the top.

I just want to know if its going to be a problem or if I shouldn’t worry about it… They’re freaking new… Virgin.

If it’s in exactly the same place then it’s definitely a blemish in the cast. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Thanks @darkkevind

I started looking up on the web, and found nothing, but what I did find were more pictures of Caliber II trucks. Some where fine, others had the “blemish mark” on the bushing.

I even read an article where they compared Caliber II trucks vs. Paris trucks, and even the Paris trucks had a similar “mark” on the same spot.

Some seem like paint others seem a bit deeper…

So, in conclusion it seems to be a manufacturing esthetic issue if you will.

I’ve been riding the board (without motor) since the beginning of this post, and I can only say I’m in love.

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I have a set and one hanger has the blemish and one doesn’t. I say it’s no big deal.

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