Delete me for now ,please

I will go another way with this one I should have waited till i had it more sorted from what i am hearing. Apolagies, All the boards ive experience with have been plug and ride, i am woefully ignorant when it comes to dealing with this one . More fun equals more work I suppose,thanks for the advice

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jesus that is a wall of text.

what. post pics of the ESC if it does not power on/connect to VESC tool if it does then post what faults it had. image

thanks for the advice and suffering thru my post . Posting this was premature, i was trying to be diplomatic, while also saying ive had problems with a board,i dont want to pass on with out disclosuer as that has been dangerous for me phyisicaly . There is risk buying such a thing . Ill try to make a contibrution to the community before i post any more for sale adds. Thanks for all of the feedback, both positive and negative,constructive criticism is fine,i learn every day. Jason

IF you suffered thru my post, the item will be on ebay once i get the enclosure and esc for it .