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I want some TB 218mm trucks. New or used doesn’t matter. Im in the US . cheers. Edit: still looking for the trucks.

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They’re super cheap and in stock here in the US. Are you having issues with their website or something?


I have a new set $50 for them. Lmk if you’re interested

@FranciscoV Pm sent.

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What’s the problem here? Maybe I’m missing something. Are you looking for them used or something? You’re title is misleading if not.

I got some for you here if you’re looking for a new set https:///collections/longboard-trucks/products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks

I get that i can get them from the retailer. I was just testing the waters to see if i can find them cheaper just shopping around. Im on a budget .

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Gotcha. I just wasn’t sure. It seemed weird considering the title of your thread. Changed that for you to try and help with the purchase. Hope you find them soon.

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Thank you. I appreciate. Im green when it comes to forums . and esk8s.

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No problem dude. Hopefully this will help you gain some traction and find a pair of them here. :smile:

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I’ve got a set that I’m removing Ina couple if weeks if you can wait that long. They are well used, prolly need new bushings but are in surprisingly good shape.


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@mmaner can you close this please

Do you not need them anymore?

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I do. Im just giving up on this thread . ill just have to buy them from torquebords .

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