Deleted because i lost track

Ok so I have 3 sets of Abec Clone 97’s. In black, orange and green. The blacks got a good amount of use. The orange ones are brand new and green were only used for high speed runs.

I also have a set of Abec 11 97’s that have a chip on one wheel, all others are perfect.

Lastly I have the 83mm original evolves that are literally new because I’ve only used the 97’s.

Also willing to sell my Evolve GT All Terrain wheel setup if someone is interested.

Make some offers. I will upload all pics in 3-4 hours when I get home!

where are you located ?

Orlando, FL my friend

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pmed you regarding the abecs

Can you please post some pictures of these wheels so the same thing as last time doesn’t happen again. And guys make sure you don’t buy as family and friends. Maybe put the prices on here too

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First of all that guy was a complete ass. Second please get off this thread because I have no reason to sell garbage or lie.

I said just ask for specific pics and I can provide close ups! In the gym so it’ll be an hour if you need pics