Demonseed Build

First time build ready for testing today.

Deck: Rayne Demonseed 42”

Motors: TB 6374 x 2

Battery: 12s5p Samsung 30q

ESC: Focbox Unity

Trucks and wheels: Tb 218mm and 97mm wheels

Housing: Psychotiller



Mo better pics

image image image image image



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Ah yes, fan of the demonseed myself. Tough to work with when you are running a belt drive not reversed… at least, just need to add riser pads.

Have you thought about getting reverse mounts instead? You could substantially lower the board if you went that route, I did recently myself… managed to reverse mount the standard TB mounts actually… but there isn’t much play and there is just enough of a gap between the motors and roads on 107mm flywheels, not sure if that would work out well on 97s.

I got about an inch gap between road and motors front mounted now … rear mounted I tried and the motors were hitting the trucks where the king pin is… unless I ran them low which is pretty much the same if running forward… i was contemplating finding a better rear mount which is longer and longer belts to gain more clearance and get rid of the raisers. It rides pretty nice atm I have taken it up to 47km/h so far still got a fair bit more to give. What belt size are you running? I got 265mm atm … i am also considering re drilling the trucks to be further back on the deck to gain a bit of clearance… I was looking at also trying out some Psychotiller SixShooter’s for an AT feel… the 97mm been doing ok atm