Denver E-board group ride

Wondering if any other Denver eboarders frequent the forum that would be interested in a group ride. Sometime around mid October would be preferable for me as im still waiting in my Raptor.

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Hey lets get a E-board group ride set up in denver/towards the mountains in August/October

anyone meeting up currently for denver/boulder rides?

Ill be back in Colorado in August

Im down whenever - There is an amazing bike trail along Clear Creek Canyon that I hit up recently along the river, we should get a group out there

I’d be intrested. Im actually up in Foco so it’d be a trip, but worth it

I’m in Boulder and would be down for a group ride

Late to the party but I’m in Denver

My electric longboard is coming in a few weeks I would definitely join ya

Group rides every weekend and throughout the weeks, lots going on around Denver:

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Yo are you guys still active

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Yep! Just being winter time and snow everywhere, things are slow.

Hey it’s warming up man, do you know if the e skateboard group is getting back together?

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It’s been going. I haven’t been in a few weeks but others have been riding most weekends

To everyone here in Denver CO. If you are interested in riding this Sat 27th April. Here is a link to the upcoming details.

Doing any upcoming group rides?

we are riding this Sat -7/06.

Hope you can make it


Group Ride Today! - Aurora CO - 07/28/19


Hope to see you out there. Use the Discord app “Toll-Gate” channel to let us know if you are meeting us at the half way point. Thanks!

See : Or, FaceBook Group: for details…