Dependable but price friendly VESC for wife's 6s build?

Not looking for anything special. Literally going to be a 12 mph 6s board on 83mm wheels. Will be running strictly BLDC.

I haven’t seen many cheaper than @torqueboards VESC. Used it on 2 boards, both 12s beasts, haven’t had any problems yet, so should be fine for your purposes. Or if you want to go really cheap, you could get a Maytech VESC, I think they sell for around $90

Thanks, id rather spend a few bucks more for it not to be maytech lol

My Maytech is running fine :confused:

Haha no offense dude! Just heard a lot of shit talking on May tech vesc’s.

shouldn’t use cheapest and dependable in the same sentence.

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Well i’m not sure how else to word it. I certainly don’t care for the cheapest price possible and i don’t want to pay for the most dependable either. Maybe I could have said i’m looking for a middle of the road based on quality and price.

Haha yeah. I’ve seen some “negative press” as well, but it’s mostly people just saying “I wouldn’t buy something so cheap,” and yet they haven’t used it themselves. I think the biggest problem is the fact that Maytech said they’re not intended for FOC (although some people are using it in FOC with no problem) and that they don’t come with a bootloader, so no custom firmware. I might not use it if I ever build a second board, but for my first build, it’s been great :slight_smile:

That’s awesome!

I would give you a triple like for that comment if possible!

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Buying an expensive Vesc like Ollinboards, means that you can just hook it up, adjust your settings and go without worrying about anything like pins shorting out power wires or bad solder joints or missing components or bugged firmware. You can do alright with a cheaper Vesc, you’ll just have to be proactive and inspect it closely for known issues before powering it up. Then update to the latest firmware.

I’m currently running an Ollinboards vesc and love it! However, this build is going to be used maybe once a month and I just don’t feel like investing the extra money in something that will not get used.

Understandable, I think you will be fine with a budget vesc. Just check and trim if not already trimmed, all the socket pins that are on the underside so they don’t poke through the power wires and short the system out. And make sure the firmware doesn’t have the current ramp step bug. Also check the bullet connectors for cold solder joints.

Thank you for the heads up!

Have a look at vanda vesc. It has a whole lot of capacitance, good solder joints and reasonable price.

They should be back in stock in a week or so. “Our VESC is machine made in our state of the art facility and made to very exacting standards. No hand soldering. Comes with 12 month return to base warranty.”

Just get her a Yuneec Ego. It’s 7s and very dependable.

I’m building a 10s board and using my ollin vesc for it. The other board is completely built just needs a replacement vesc. I may have found one.

I don’t have a vesc but I have a miamiboards esc that works beautifully - got around 90-95% efficiency with it on a 6s build - pm me if you’re interested

No chance of just using an ESC? Sure lots of arguments against but for a basic 6s build its plug and play, £40, can’t really go too wrong IMO