Derby Days Race Redmond, WA July 13

My understanding is they are limiting the roster to 20 riders. As soon as registration opens it’s first come first served. This is an .8 mile flat closed off street course with wide sweeping turns. It’s held during a city carnival put on by the City of Redmond in Washington State. Will post here when it opens and a link where to do it.IMG_20180721_201657 Last year was EPIC! This year we will do it again, but BIGGER and BETTER!!! Let’s do it!!!

For now this is a place holder, as info comesup, i will add to the event! I expect details to start really coming in at the end of March, early April 2019

This will be a whole day event! The general day will be something like the following DRAFT:

  • Meet & Sign in
  • Pre-Race Safety Meeting
  • Race (likely 2-4 races)
  • Intermission
  • Podium
  • Intermission - Charge, re-hydrate, eat
  • esk8 Tour de Redmond - Group Ride
  • Renegade Races - Possibly at the Velodrome if possible, charging available
  • Group ride to Postdoc Brewing or Black Raven - Food, drinks, & chill

If you are interested in joining the PNW esk8 Derby Days Planning Group email [email protected] Would like help planning, facilitation the race, getting sponsors, graphic design, etc. If you want to help, HOLLER!!!

Details(as they develop) What: Derby Days esk8 Race Date: July 13th, 2019 Time: TBA (likely 12pm ish)

Race Details: Registration: Opens in April Requirements: Helmet, Pads, gloves, 18+ Number of Races: TBA (2-4) Classes: TBA (Depends on turnout) Length: TBA (Will vary, likely 4.8 & 8 miles)

Media from last year:

Related known media HOT list (This is changing as i get more media): Chris @yeahthatperson (ig) POV gopro

Rat - racer w/stick

Patric Paxos2k (ig)

Brandon “Moe” Biggs - Racer, Board mounted cam - HOLESHOT! 56mph board

Mahyar Saeedi - racer - full day edit!

Tim - kid1afro2 (YouTube) Video: Pictures:

Hoyt St (YouTube)

Mark Wu Pictures:

Timothy David Rutkoske Photos:

About the Venue

City of Redmond, Washington -Government

City Hall

Get Directions

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That’s only like 4 hours from me…:grinning:

It’s a place you can make really good speed down the straights. Last year it was a 4.8mile course at 6 laps.

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That was fun last year!! I no longer live in Seattle so can’t make it out again, a shame since my boards are all dialed in now. The group ride after the race was pretty good too

I’m sorry I missed that. The Velodrome looked like more fun

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It was fun. Thanks for coming up for the good weather and race of course. lol hope to see you again at the next Derby20180714_123603


Updated race info. Check out opening post edit

Registration is OPEN. Get in while spots are available. IMG_20190417_185055

Derby days results. Boosted podium P1 Jonner Steck P2 Tony Maurice P3 Chris Muenzer IMG_20190717_120339

DIY Production Mod Podium P1 Jason Lucier P2 Aaron Henderson P3 onepopularguy509 on IG IMG_20190714_123058 Pro Open Podium P1 Moe P2 Jeremy Geier P3 Jonner Steck Screenshot_20190714-191842

IMG_20190716_075350 IMG_20190714_122952