Designed and 3D printed my own custom enclosure

I finished my first build recently and ended up 3D printing my own enclosure design for my board. After finishing the build, there are definitely some things I would improve upon. I went ahead and put up the STL files on thingiverse anyways in case anyone here is interested in seeing it!


look pretty nice, but a bt clunky

Care to elaborate? I’m genuinely curious for future improvements

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In my opinion of course, due to the lack of curves on the enclosure, they look a bit boxy.

Agree. But the truth is. Less boxy and more curvy would be wasting space as the best fit would be for the enclosure to be the shape of batteries and escs which are… well…boxy

Love the modularity though

Yeah. I guess that is true

If I do a second design for another build, then I’ll probably have aesthetics in mind after seeing some feedback (after the mechanical improvements of course). I might even mock up another design out of boredom this weekend

more curved design also equals more mechanical strength of the enclosure

That would be true if the inside corners have curves/large fillets. The outside sharp corners do not really do anything strength wise, just extra mass actually…

Damn, so we still arrive at a rounded enclosure for maximum strength and minimum weight :slight_smile:

sharp corners will break reather fast. either round xour "ribs and place more of them or just give the whole thing smoothed edges.

i made a similiar design a while back but ditched later. my first itteration looked like yours with sharp edges. those broke 3 times and after i smoothened out the edgesm all was fine.

In light of taking my mechanics of materials class this semester, I learned that fillets actually do matter. Time for a redesign (: