Designing a Gear Drive for My 8th Grade Project

I’m designing a gear drive for my 8th grade year long recital project and was wondering if some people could lend a helping hand. If you’ve built one before, I was wondering if we could talk about how you started, the parts you used, and what was your process? I’ve looked through the forum and found some info, looked on sites that sell gear drives for what components I need, and reached out to some people.

I want to build it compatible to a street board, kinda like the AVIO gear drive by @nuttyjeff. The hardest part is finding a place to design and CNC the parts over the summer. If anyone has any advice, that would be appreciated. I have experience with CAD, laser cutting, and 3D printing. I’m starting research on how to CNC and design for that, does anyone have any videos that they learned from?

I have a CNC machine at my school, along with a laser cutter and multiple 3D printers. The only problem is I can’t use them over the summer. I think I’ll spend most of my time research and designing over the summer, but I don’t know how long each part would take. I don’t have a scope of how to manage the project.

If someone has a good Gear Drive or can recommend one, that would be rly appreciated!

All of my questions:

  1. What program do you use to design stuff?
  2. Is there any process that helped?
  3. How did you start?
  4. Who helped you in your process?
  5. What general advice would you give?
  6. Are there any posts that I can take a look at to improve my research?
  7. Should I purchase a gear drive so I can take it apart and look at the parts and what I need to design?

I read “Gear Drive for My Rectial Project”


Fusion 360

Khkgears website

Started using CAD last year. Not that hard to use especially for a gear drive. Plenty of YouTube videos on how to fusion

Not really…


Thanks! Have you done a project like this or have any experience with gear drives?

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What do you mean?

(very honored ur on my post)

You changed title. Just old one when scrolling by saw a different word. Don’t worry, I’m not here to troll lol.

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ok. while i have u, do have any advice?

I just ride stuff. I get by building with help from friends here and there. Designing a gear drive… not so much. @moon has designed wheels, pulleys, 2 gear drives, 3 gear drives and im sure more than that. I would go with his advice.

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oml. im gonna stock @moon’s threads


That’s probably what i would do.

Start with 3d printed parts

is there one you would recommend?

I haven’t gotten to try any yet. But @moon seems the most affordable.

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He’s still doing testing i believe tho. Early batchs of beta testing.

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o, ok. I’ve pm’d him so we’ll see. Thanks for everything!!!

I know @Kug3lis has designed some gear drives in the past and has many other people. If someone could tell me who I could reach out too, that would be awesome.

How much money have you got to spend. Custom fabrication isn’t cheap

i’ve got a large budget, 2500-3000 of my own money, but since this is a school project my parents could lend me some. (i hate asking for money) I also could sell some of my stuff, like my Raptor 2 hubs for some extra money…

Edit: I also have a CNC machine, 3d printer, and laser cutter at my school

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with KHKgears, what did you use them for. Did you buy your gears from them or did you design your own? also r u selling gear drives. @skunk said it was a good idea to buy one and see how they work and function.

I just wanted to say that 8th grade now seems way more fun than I remember 8th grade being. This sounds much better than woodshop class.


lol yeah, but people abuse this project. some ppl do photography, not trying to offend anyone, but it’s a year long project…

btw, like ur profile pic.

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