Designing a Gear Drive for My 8th Grade Project

This is what I used them for. Look at how detailed they get without being complicated

Then that should be enough money to play around with

To keep it simple I suggest 3D Hubs for CNC parts

ok, thanks. i’m playing with fusion360 rn.

did u start with 3d printing first or laser cutting? what was ur process

I haven’t touched a laser cutting machine and won’t need to.

Everything begins in CAD and then goes to 3D printing, finally CNC machining and gear hobbing

gear hobbing?


ohhh, so ur still working on urs?

Yeah but I imagine I’ll always will be if there’s more trucks and wheel combos

But I’ve made a few already, making 15+ more drives this month

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Hi @tardyparty7,

I am also in the process of designing my own gear drive. Just a few steps in front of you.

If you need any help with anything just fly some stuff my way or even just check out my thread so far.

I am using solidworks as I have used it for many years so if your school system has the student version I can be of more help. Thread:

bro thx so much. its been hard finding things.

@skunk, idk if @moon is selling his gear drives yet, are there any other drives you recommend?

I don’t have any experience with any of them honestly…

o. thx anyways!

I dont know how much you are willing to spend, but if you are only going to make 2pcs drives (for 2WD), 3dHubs will be very expensive. For such low quantity they will probably quote you about $80-100 per piece. You will end up with about 10 single pcs total. Thats almost $1000 in only machining.

Again I dont know how much you are willing to spend, but I think its at least worth checking out China if you dont want to pay such a high price.

I’m going to spend 2000-2500, and if i have too ill sell my raptor hubs.

Only selling privately and only if the buyer is aware of the risks

k ill send a pm

Dont know why you are looking to spend this much. TBH you can find manufactures charging way less, but its your choice of course :smile:

i’m not, thats just my budget