Designing an “airplane-okay” traveling board

Greetings everyone! While my “all-day internet surfing” in order to find out more about electric skateboard building (how to make batteries, which vesc to use, etc.) I’ve stumbled across the problem that after my new build, I wouldn’t be able to travel with my skateboard due to the fact that it would be using a vast 12s4p battery, and according to airlines policies, its Wh is significantly higher than allowed <100 Wh.

However, if the battery falls under 99 Wh, you can take multiple (4, for example, but that obviously depends on the airline company). Under one of the threads that end with nothing, somebody asked if it’s possible to somehow unite them together to increase the capacity.

On top of that, I’ve stumbled across this cool guy with his folding longboard!

So, it got me thinking, is it possible to make an ultimate modular traveling longboard with awesome specs? Comment your ideas below, and let’s try to create the wonder of imagination!

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From experience of some of my friends just slap “99Wh” sticker on the battery and it does the trick, airlines check the sticker and not battery itself. This is how they got their board overseas despite it having 500-600Wh capacity.

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That’s actually both clever and dangerous.