Detachable extra battery pack?

I now have a 12s1p 99wh set up so that I can get on plane, but I do need some extra miles. This is what I came up with:

From what I read since the original 99wh battery used more than the extra pack, which decays a bit faster than the extra pack(198wh), lead to unbalanced voltage. Should I continue making this pack? Or should I not due to the unbalanced voltage?

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On a serious note, if you’re going to mix and match, try to use both parts equally, if possible. Also, 99Wh limit is not really set in stone, different airliners have different rules so go a bit less maybe.

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Thanks for your reply :smiley: I do found out that different airlines have different limit The ones that I usually travel with are under 100wh— thus the choice of 99wh like boostedboard

To be honest when I brought my board to Mexico I just checked it in a duffle bag and my battery was about 122Wh and nothing happened. I even brought some extra LiPo’s for my RC Car and they never even mentioned it. Though if you did have a large external battery I’ve heard of people just putting a sticker on it saying something like “Camera Battery” or whatever and they don’t care.

I’m quite a frequent traveler and landing between Hong Kong and the uk They have a pretty high standard especially when they gave all the records

I think the main reason this would not work is because at some point you would likely end up with two packs at different voltages and when you attach them together in parallel one one them will try to charge the other, in come cases that could case a catastrophic failure with overheating/exploding batteries. I am trying to figure out a solution to this but its a complicated and expensive solution and involves designing a BMS.

In the consumer world, nice clean enclosures with high quality latching points is what makes a good detachable battery. Consumers want something that not only works, but looks good.

In the DIY world, a Kydex wrapped battery with industrial grade Velcro and an XT90 connector is about as good as you’re going to get…

Now onto the whole multiple battery pack thing. I wouldn’t bother. You’re better modifying the board to accept detachable batteries.