Deville Interstate 80A 83mm wheels (ABEC Flywheel mounts?)

Anybody seen these? I’ve Googled but couldn’t find anything related to electric skateboards. They seem to have the same core as the ABEC Flywheels. From what I found they’re part of a complete board they no longer offer new ( ). Doesn’t matter much though, they seem pretty nice and they’re branded, so I figured they might be a nice alternative to the blank Flywheels as I’ve read those crack sometimes.

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These would look good with my Raptor if the trucks were also black. Nice wheels, but lower duro would be better.

I would definitely buy those if they still sell them. I love the orange accents!

They’re still sold here and there, just Google them!

They’re out of stock everywhere! :frowning:

Yeah I found that out too… Sorry. Maybe send Deville a mail? I’ve decided to go with flywheel blanks in white. You could try those and pinstripe them yourself?