Devolve - First Build | 12s 10000mah | Dual Drive | VESC | 6355 170kv | 14T | 175mm Wheel

Finally on the road with my first build.

I used Evolve GT Trucks and The AT conversion kit and built up from there.

The Build 12S 10000mah Lipo (I had them laying around) Dual Drive 6355 170kv Maytech Motors Bluetooth Dongle Dual Maytech Vesc Printed Battery and ESC Box CNC CF Motor mounts 6mm CNC CF Covers 2.4 Mini Remote

Long way from where it started!


Nice build. I like the enclosures, where did you get them?

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Looks like a shadow!

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Nice build. Just need some black bushings to make it completely disappear. Lol. What tires are those?

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It says “printed” in the first message, so I assume they are done with a 3D printer. But it looks like CF as well.

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I’m looking at doing exactly the same type of board essentially for commuting on roads and paths, so i have a few questions: I assume you have 4 x 6S Lipos? What sort of performances do you get in this configuration (speed, range, torque)? Is your deck completely flat?


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Thanks Guys,

Yeah the battery enclosures are 3d printed with some carbon fiber covers. It took a LONG time to print them but I’m happy with how they came out.

The tires are from the Gt Conversion Kit I went with this because it came with the wheel, tyre, bearings, gear and belt. So it was perfect for what I wanted.

I’m running Dual 6s 10000mah in series. I have only just finished the build and ripped around my complex so I have yet to establish the numbers I will post them as soon as the snow / ice in my area clears up.

The deck has a solid curve to it so I had to take that into consideration when printing the enclosures.

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@Sarky1 great idea to use their wheel kit as a starting point! I just realized that their rear truck already has a welded bracket on it for the motor mount, so making the CF piece made a lot of sense, nice work!

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Thanks, Yeah that and having the CF and a CNC in the basement already just made it a no brainier.

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Could it be a printed piece with CF vinyl ontop of it?

I think that’s what he said. I would say probably CF skinning, but Josh can confirm.

Its actual Carbon Fiber 3mm plate. :smiley:

Looks really clean! Nice work! Do you get any wheel bite with that deck?

Thanks, No wheel bite no, I did have the board touch the can of the motor while testing hence the little mark in it but that was easily adjusted.

With the flex that kind of board usually has are you worried the enclosures will not hold to the bending?

The deck is maple and fiberglass, quite ridgid but some flex. I printed the enclosures out of a semiflexible material for flex and sound. They won’t break I’m sure of that. There is a chance that they will start to detach from the deck but time will tell there.

Goodness gracious this is a awesome looking build! I wish I had your tires right now for this weather. Great work!!!

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Thanks Man,

Couple of other pics from along the way!


Isn’t it nice having a CNC?! I don’t know what I did before making mine. So many more possibilities open up so fast once you have one. Love your mounts!

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It looks so nice! want :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

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