Dewalt batteries

working on my first build and i have almost everything worked out, i ordered the semi complete dual kit 12s from diy electric. planning to mount on a aluminum “beer can board.”

my question involves batteries

is there anything wrong with hooking up 2 dewalt 20v 5 ah (18nominal volt) batteries in series? how would this differ from say two zippy flight 5000mah 5s batteries in series?

currently on amazon for 105 dollars i can get two batteries and a charger, i was planning on breaking down using some spare chargers i have around to act as mounts/battery leads.

my thought for wanting a set up like this is easier access to batteries, easy charging no balance chargers etc.

would love some input if this train of thought is sound?

Here’s some good reading about power tool batteries:

This guy powers his ebike off 8 dewalt battery packs (20V/3Ah), take a look! :grin:

That would be a 10S2P battery then. I think there are better offers here in the forum. For example this group by here where you would get propper cells in a usable setup.

Two packs of the 5AH cost roughly $80-100 and that would get 20V, but what are the C-ratings?

I’m afraid, I couldn’t find anything. Maybe open one of the packs and hope for a logo on the cells ? :sunglasses:

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That means I gotta buy one :), I heard in the video it mentioning 18650 Sanyo.

i searched in the youtube comments section if anyone asked a similar question and found something, this is the video: I guess you have to phone or email dewalt directly to get an answer what C- rates their cells have…

the amperage provided by those probably isnt even close to what is required.

There are Sanyo UR18650W2 cells inside the dewalt DCB200 (20V/3Ah), according to

Sanyo UR18650W2 have a capacity of 1500 mAh and 10C. Maybe the BMS or other built-in electronics limit the output current or initiate a thermal shutdown after some time, keep that in mind.

Would need to make a 4P or bigger just to get what my lipos (in shipment) can do, plus the additional cost.