DHo (First Build) | 31 inch deck | Single 180kV 1665W 5065 motor | 9s 5000mAh battery | Dickyho single motor esc | Dickyho Trucks + motor mount + pulley system kit

Hi All. This is my first DIY build. Currently I’m thinking of making the following setup -

Single 180kV 1665W 5065 motor from @dickyho

Single Motor ESC also from dicky

9s 5000mAh battery pack made up from 3x 3s 5000mAh in series

My trucks, motor mount, pulley system and wheels are …you guessed it… also from D.Ho

I’m ~95kg and will only go up the occasional small-medium hill.

I’ve got a couple of questions on the above -

  • What sort of range can I realistically expect? If I wanna get roughly 12-15km of range, should I think about another battery setup?

  • What max speed would I reasonably get to? The calculator at (http://calc.esk8.it/) said I should be able to max out about 38kmh weighted with that setup, but it doesn’t take into account motor size so I’m not sure.

  • Would I require a larger motor, or will the current one serve fine for the above purposes?

  • Any thing I’m missing?

63xx motor would be better


And vesc esc style to get the most out of the setup


Since I’m running a single 5065 RN, I can say that it has some kick to it but definitely not a lot, at 60kg with board and gear it struggles on a 20 degree slope and it’s geared for a top speed of 25km/h. The ESC you have runs well but it has to be 6s, 7s, or 10s…since you’ll probably get much more than 20wh/mi with urethane single belt drive, I’d say you can use 2x 3s 5000mah batteries and get your 12-15km, just make sure you pick your gear ratio and kv accordingly

Suggestion: 6s1p battery, cheap ESC in 6s mode, 270kv 5065, 13:36 gearing, 97mm drivetrain…it’ll top out at 40km/h and have about 15km of range


Single 5065 is definitely not powerful enough at that weight and gearing (very low torque) and you would need to push hard to even get the board rolling. I would look into a bigger motor and even dual motors. Top speed would be around 40km/h with that setup. range about 10km but it will become less the more often you charge the batteries. I would check one of these kits. It will definitley save you a lot of hassle and will be worth it. https://buildkitboards.com/


If you want good quality I definitely support the BKB kits


Hmmmm i felt the 5065 motor would be a bit weak (thanks @702vegas @Creavenger as well for the advice). I’ll look into getting a 6354 or a 6364 motor instead. If I don’t go the kit route, any personal suggestions on which ones to buy (I’ll double check the forum as well)? Other than that, would it not be possible to run the 10s controller at 9s, as it would just be running under peak voltage (or does it have to run at the full 10s). Ive read around and seen that people only get about 8-9km out of the 6s pack, while 9s gets closer to the 14-15km mark.

Distance comes from mah. You can tell the vesc/esc to run 9s. Dicky has a 6380 motor i think

I think I’ll go for a 6374 170kv motor from dicky, it should definitely be better than the 5065 I thought of using before… I’ll do a bit more research on the batteries.

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