Diagram configuration help

Hi I couldn’t find a diagram that I could understand properly or it didnt make sense. Can someone tell me if the diagram below Will work? Where balance leads and main leads goes. And 2 of them in series to a 8s3p pack Best would be if someone could quickly write a diagram for my setup? Want Max 2 cells ontop Sorry for simple questions

Seems to me like you are Shorting your battery .

always make sure you connect Pos with Neg lead . your rectangles seem a bit off .

But the parallell conections?

They are here

this is just a scheme though and not a real diagram illustrating the wiring. In real life you would just connect three cells together with a single nickel strip or wire and then connect them in series.

You make it sound easy but maybe it is

8s3p means you take 8 packs of 3 cells in series. So simply start by putting 3 cells together with a layout you like. So all pluspoles together and all minuses. You should have your 8 packs now. After that put all 8 packs in series, so connect plus pole from pack 1 to minus pole from pack 2, plus pole from pack 2 to minus of pack 3 and so on. Don´t connect first and last pack, otherwise you´ll short them.

also pls note, that, depending on your cells, you´ll get quite a bit voltage sag with a 8s3p pack. Which cells are you going to use?

Yeah I know how connections work just woundering how to put them togheter

Plan on using 30Q

Your drawing would be one looooooong pack ?? So I could make like your design 4s3p then two of them in series ?

You can lay them out as you want. Like I said, pack them together as 3 cells, and then connect them in whatever layout you want in series

Flat or triangular doesnt matter