Dickyho 5M 36T / 40T flywheel pulleys on ebay

people have been asking me about 5M 40T pulleys for flywheels lately, so I got it production.

here is the ebay link I have.

advertise this product by the way:


Are the pulleys aluminum?

yes, they are aluminum pulleys

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Too bad you don’t have 40t 12mm wide wheel pulleys.:frowning_face:

will have it later, if more people needed!

40t 12mm too please!

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Oh, you have 15mm versions :slight_smile:

17MM width pulley is for 15MM belt. I intented to make some more room for adjust.


noted in mind!

Group buy anyone? I’m definitely gonna buy some 17mm pulleys soon.

There are already so many flywheel pulleys why not make some kegels core pulleys. Only a handful of people here offer kegel pulleys in aluminum.

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You gotta make the deck protectors in a more neutral design…

Not everyone likes spiderman and skulls lol

this is great

I could not see in the pictures, but the motor pulley, does it have a keyway?

I always wanted to make some kegel pulleys, but I can’t find a kegel wheel here… those are not popular in china.

Thanks for the advise. will make some thing neutral…I am not very good at designing, and always very busy…

without keyway! 5M 15T-03

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Great price and they look like quality ones.

Looks good. But what is the ID of wheel pulley?

Sorry, not understand, what you mean ID of the pulley?

ID = inner biameter (bore)